Mini Games

Rock Smashing

As the name suggest you have to smash a rock. The amount you smash determines how many Jewel Shards you get. Less than half will get you one. More than half will get you two. Smash the whole thing and you will get three. This one is the easiest of them but maybe the hardest record to break. There is no one character who is really good at this like the other two. Miroku, Inuyasha, Naraku, Koga and, Kagura I think are the best. I hold my highest record with Inuyasha. Try to avoid Sango though. Her combos usually make her half to jump back causing use to lose a second every time stepping back up to the rock. The Super Special Attacks don't help much either. The Poison Insects can be taken out by timing a low attack right when they come up to you. They don't pose much of a threat anyways. Make sure to get the ones that have souls or Shippo on them so you don't lose time.Just get someone you are good using combos with and try your hardest.

Flame Slashing

In this many game Jaken(Sesshomaru's assistant) uses his Staff Of Skulls to produce a large ever growing flame. This one is not as hard as the Poison Insects but can still be difficult. You must keep attacking the flame to make it shrink to nothing then hit Jaken just once. This sounds easy but the flame only disappears for a couple seconds. You have to get that follow up hit quickly. Watch out for the insects too. Totosai and Naraku are the best for this one. Just stay away from it with characters that lunge with their attacks like the Demon Inuyasha or Koga. With Naraku just use his poison Insects attack a bunch of times and with Totosai use his Fire Breath and Momo Drop.

Poison Insects

Naraku's insects swarm the screen coming from the right side and you must defeat 45 of them to complete this game. The insects come at three levels. The lower ones you have to duck to hit. Ones in the middle just attack while standing and the higher ones you must do a jump attack. Also insects carrying Shippo and Souls will float by as usual. How many Jewel shards depend on how many insects you kill. 15 will get you one shard. 30 will get you two. Killing all 45 will earn you three shards of the Shikon Jewel. For this game without a doubt Sango is the best. Her Hiraikotsu attack works amazing well for this. It can hit all the insects no matter how high or low they are. Just keep doing this attack and eventually you will win. Totosai's Fire Breath is also good. I would avoid anyone else. It is very difficult with anyone other than Totosai or Sango.

Unlock Guide

Kagome's Backpack

Simply collect all the shards with Kagome in Feudal Fairy Tale mode.


In the Feudal Fairy Tale mode have an event in each location to get them all.

Pictures In Photo Album

You have to get them to show up in the Feudal Fairy Tale mode. Just keep going through with the character you want.


Koga - Collect all the required amount of shards with Inuyasha.

Miroku - Collect all the required amount of shards with Kagome.

Kagura - Collect all the required amount of shards with Koga.

Sango - Collect all the required amount of shards with Miroku.

Sesshomaru - Collect all the required amount of shards with Kagura.

Shippo - Collect all the required amount of shards with Sango.

Kikyo - Collect all the required amount of shards with Shippo.

Naraku - Collect all the required amount of shards with Sesshomaru.

Totosai - Beat all the Mini Games records in the Backpack mode.

Demon Inuyasha - Collect all the required amount of shards with Totosai.

Alternate Clothes

This doesn't really fit here but its the best place for it. To change the color of a characters clothes, press the square button in the selection screen. Each character has a separate color that you can choose. This won't allow you to use Demon Inuyasha in Feudal Fairy Tale mode unfortunately.

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