Card List

Card # Name Password
C001 Tiger
001 Right Claw
002 Left Claw
003 Horn
004 Charge
005 Stab
006 Ice Bomb
007 Bolt
008 Lightning
009 Sonic Move
010 Roar
011 Back Roll
012 Jump
Card # Name Password
C006 Dino
061 Punch
062 Charge
063 Tail Slap
064 Bite
065 Bite Throw
066 Knee Kick
067 Fire Dash
068 Dust Kick
069 Flame
070 Leap
071 Endure
072 Jump Aside
All Monsters
Card # Name Password
109 Dodge
110 Will Power
111 Grit
121 Critical
123 Retreat TSBFTBLL
124 Grand End BADMOO
125 Take Over BOMBJACK
Card # Name Password
C002 Gali
013 Scratch
014 Kick
015 Spin Cut
016 Evil Dance
017 Holy Ray
018 Thunder
019 Blaze Wall
020 Evil Blow
021 Flame
022 Tactics
023 Reflect
024 Lie Down
Card # Name Password
C007 Naga
073 Belly Blow
074 Stab
075 Pierce
076 Thwack
077 Whirl Blow
078 Poison Gas
079 Evil Shot
080 Life Steal
081 Evil Shots
082 Glare
083 Death Trap
084 Counter
Card # Name Password
112 Help
113 Mango
114 Wild Rush
115 Cool Judge
116 Hot Battle
117 Excited
118 Encourage
119 Nice Fight
120 Confusion
122 Last Trump
126 Fainted KAGERO
127 Twinkling ASTARTE
128 Reborn DRKDLSN
Card # Name Password
C003 Golem
025 Clutch
026 Brow Hit
027 Kick
028 Throw Away
029 Chop
030 W Chop
031 Roller
032 Cyclone
033 Quake
034 Recharge
034 Defense
036 Protect
Card # Name Password
C008 Hare
085 Head Butt
086 Sobat
087 1/2 Punch
088 Super Head
089 Windmill
090 Spin Fist
091 Charge
092 Rush Punch
093 Gas
094 Computing
095 Loud Voice
096 Footwork
Card # Name Password
C010 Hare Hound
C011 Big Blue
C012 Melonzo
C013 Allure
C014 Rock Dino
C015 Fairy Hare
Card # Name Password
C004 Suezo
037 Spit
038 Teleport
039 Tail Lash
040 Bite
041 Tongue
042 Kiss
043 Lick
044 Eye Beam
045 Scouting
046 Provoke
047 Yodle
048 Side Roll
Card # Name Password
C009 Mocchi
097 Slap
098 Roll Attack
099 Thrust
100 Head Butt
101 Press
102 1/2 Thrust
103 Licking
104 Petal Wind
105 Mocchi Ray
106 Round
107 Hide
108 Roll
Card # Name Password
C005 Pixie
049 Scratch
050 Kick
051 Charge
052 Thunder
053 Bolt
054 Shotgun
055 Lightning
056 Kiss
057 Enchant
058 Recover
059 Step
060 Soar
Card # Name Password
C021 Phoenix TECMOINC
130 Talons STRFRCE
131 Flame Shot TIMENOID
132 Hurricane HAYABUSA
133 Typhoon SCRTSTR
134 Fire River GENKIBOY
135 Fire Beam GLDPEACH
136 Fire Wave DOAGIRLS
137 Mys Power SOLOMON
138 Hide Head BTLCARD
139 Insight JCKYRCR
140 Perceive SUEZOEYE

Item List

Event Items
SHOVEL Worn out shovel. You can dig in dirt dirt rooms with it inside of the Ruins. Limited number of times it can be used. First received from Cox after finding him. Then can be found in the Ruins.
MILKSTUFF Feed to monsters. Found in Ruins and can sometimes be won from Holly/Colt.
WONDACOIN Throw into fountain. Found in Ruins and can Sometimes be won from Holly\Colt.
DISC? Disc shaped charm. Get this after beating Millie and bringing back the disc to the shrine.
OLD PAINT Paint used to copy cards.
COINSACK Sack to hold Wondacoins in. Receive from Tim at the fountain after reaching Silver rank.
TEAM BOX Holds different Teams. Start with one. Thomas will give you a second one after finding Mickey. The third comes from beating one of the brothers.
FEATHER Use for trading with Mac. Can be won from Holly/Colt.
FIT SHOES Start with these. They have no use.
SKATES Speeds up movement. Good for avoiding Ruins Guardians. Winthese from beating Holly\Colt the first time you beat him\her.
GUMBOOTS Getting past zigzag floor. Can only get these from Gameshark. Code: 016388D0
AIRKICKS Use to go over the holes. Get these from Chris after saving Mickey.
DRAGOSOLE Use these to get pass fire. Hans will give these to you after feeding Goggle enough Milkstuff.
IRONSHOES Makes it possible to walk over the needles. Beat the brothers and win this as one of the prizes.
SANDALS Not sure of the point of these. Received after saving Momo.
RINGSHOES Gain\lose double the amount of cards from battles. Win these when you reach master rank.
FLYBOOTS Wear these and you will not lose anything from a defeat in battle. Can carry more than one. Find them in the Ruins.
Card Battle Items
DOWNER Decreases 1 life from a monster.
DOWNER S Decreases 2 lives from a monster.
DOWNER EX Decreases 3 lives from a monster.
MO DOWNER Decreases 1 life for 2 monsters.
MO DOWNER L Decreases 2 lives for 2 monsters.
ALDOWNER Decreases 1 life from all monsters.
ALDOWNER G Decreases 2 life from all monsters.
UPPER Adds 1 life to selected monster.
UPPER S Adds 2 lives to selected monster.
UPPER EX Adds 3 lives to selected monster.
MO UPPER Adds 1 life to selected monster.
MO UPPER L Adds 2 lives to selected monster.
ALUPPER Adds 1 life to selected monster.
ALUPPER G Adds 2 selected monster.
MISCHEIF Shuffles life of all monsters.
LAUNCHER Top card of deck goes to guts automatically.
HYPNOSIS Dump 5 cards.
COINHEADS Coin toss will be heads every time.
COINTAILS Coin toss will be tails every time.
ITEMEATER Voids effect of opponents item.
MIRROR Nice hand mirror. Reflects the value of opponent's item.
Ruins Items
PO'S NOSE Tells number of items on current level.
CANDAROPE Takes you out of Ruins. Can only carry one.
SIS LENS Shows entire map of current level.
FAT LENS Makes Ruin Guardians visible.
PUREWATER Gets rid of all Guardians that are on the screen.
DEEPWATER Gets rid of all guardians on current level.
RICHBADGE Gives one extra dungeon counter.
LUXEBADGE Gives two extra dungeon counters.
MIRRORCLE Duplicates one item. Item is not none until it has been duplicated.

Mural Piece Locations

Knox's Studio
1 - There are two grey shelves against the north wall. Check the one on the right for its Mural Piece.
2 - In the first half of the studio, a Mural Piece can be found in the red barrels.
Monster Shrine
3 - In the upper left pew Cammy is sleeping. Once you reach Master Rank talk to him for a Mural Piece.
Momo's House
4 - The painting against the north wall holds a Mural Piece.
5 - The book case against the same wall as the painting also contains a piece.
6, 7, 8 - Feeding Momo Milkstuff will earn you Mural Pieces. You can get a total of three pieces from him.
Chunk's House
9 - The clock in the upper left hand corner has a mural piece inside it.
10 - The bookcase in the upper right hand corner has a mural piece as well.
Your House
11 - Check the painting on the first floor for a Mural Piece.
12 - Also located on the first floor, the clock will hold the next piece.
13 - Again in a painting, the last piece here will be on the second floor.
Monster Arena
14 - The plant in the left corner of the Arena.
15 - The plant in the right corner of the Arena.
Cox's House
16 - His green bag next to the computer hide a mural piece.
17 - The bookcase in the upper right corner of his house.
18 - The yacht at the dock contains the final Mural Piece.
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