The two mini-games are located in Jim Sterling's apartment, which is in the alley behind Eastmoor Highstreet. See that part of the guide for how to get
inside. There is no real point to these other than something different to do other than running from zombies.

Star Blaster

Star Blaster is a simple top down shooter. Simply cover the screen with missiles, and try not to blow up. I don't think the game has an end or a
reward, as it just crashes after a while.

You can see a video of it here:


Left Arrow: Move Left

Right Arrow: Move Right

Left Click/Z Button: Fire Weapon

Right click/X Button: Exit

A Button: Nuke Bomb


Missile: Allows you to fire an additional missile. Up to three. Will set your weapon back to missile if another weapon is equipped. Max of five.

Energy Ball: Replaces the missiles with energy balls. Probably the better of the two. Max of five.

Nuke: A nuclear bomb. Clears all enemies on the screen.

Energy Canister: Survive an extra hit. Not stackable.

R: Resets the enemy ship spawn rate.


Fighter: Easy one shot kills.

Cruiser: Takes 4 hits.

Battleship: Takes 8 hits.

Dildo Maze

The arrow keys move you around the map. Collect the purple dildos and don't let the mice touch you or it will boot you out of the game. There are 3 mazes
in total, and the one you get seems random. At the end of each maze is a golden dildo inside a chest. This doesn't seem to do anything but end the

Gold Maze: The Golden Dildo is in the bottom left corner.

Green Maze: The Golden Dildo is in the top right corner.

Red Maze: The Golden Dildo is in the top left corner.

You can see a video for all three of the mazes here:

Turbo Squish

You control a Mustang and drive over zombies. Movement works just as it does in the game, and not at all like a car. Running into zombies squishes them,
but running into anything else makes you explode. Reach the end of the highway and the game ends.

You can see a video of it in full here:

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