One of the many RPGMaker games currently available for Steam. This guide is written for Patch #1 of the game, which is not really a full game. Once you
meet the old man, the game is just left unfinished and there isn't any way to progress. I hope to update the guide once Patch #2 is released.

I try to include YouTube links where relevant, but these are by no means required for following this guide. They are just there for you in case a
visual guide may be beneficial. There isn't a whole lot to the game yet so you can see a “full” play through here:

There are no achievements for this game, but this is supposedly being added in the next update.


The controls for this game are very simple. Left click anywhere on the map to walk there. Holding shift when left clicking will allow you to run.

Left clicking when there is an exclamation point will trigger an event, such as investigating a pot, picking up items or talking with an NPC. Left clicking
with an Arrow will allow you to go through doors. Doors will often be locked however and require a key. Left clicking on enemies with a Skull icon present
will often cause a meter to show on the screen. Left clicking when the meter is full will allow you to escape their attacks.

Right clicking as well as the Escape key will bring up the in game menu. Press escape or right click again to exit.

Holding the Shift key while moving will allow you to dash. This is incredibly useful when escaping zombies, or when trying to pass through the early parts
again after dying.

Play Tips

The most important thing to note about this game is its lack of save points, and health. If you get hit once, it is game over and you must return to the
start of the game. This can seem frustrating, but as you get use to the game and learn where you need to go, it isn't as bad as it sounds. Just
proceed with caution and you should be alright.

Rooftops are not safe! The zombies can climb up ladders just as easy as you can, and they won't hesitate to chase you up one.

The game does contain checkpoints, but these are only used when quitting the game, and restarting due to crashes.

The icons won't always respond when clicked, and there are many areas where you can walk through walls. These are simply bugs, generally to do with the game
maker used to create the game. If you are unable to click an icon, try approaching the spot from a different angle. Any walls you can walk through,
try to avoid these to prevent getting stuck and having to start over from the beginning. Here's hoping this stuff will be fixed in the next patch.

Keep in mind when you investigate things, the zombies will still approach while Mia is busy talking to herself. Make sure you got some distance between
yourself and any zombies on the screen before clicking anything.

Since this is an RPGMaker game, the Steam overlay will not work for it. If you are playing through Steam and want to take a screenshot, you will need
to press Shift+Print Screen, then paste the contents into Paint or another image program.

The game features a Windowed or a Full Screen mode. I would recommend playing the game Windowed, as there are a number of cursor bugs in Full Screen mode.
You may often find yourself corned by zombies and not being able to click on anything. You can switch between the two by pressing F5.

Steam Cards

There are currently 5 Steam Cards available for this game, with 3 total that can be earned through playing. The rest will need to be obtained through the
normal methods. The cards are:

The Stang
Star Blaster
Old Bill
The Walking City
Wild Stallion



You will start the game inside a warehouse, talking to a character named Mac. Once you gained control, talk to Mac until he only responds with “…”, then
proceed to the room on to the South. In the top left corner is circuit breaker. Investigate this to learn you need a pass code in order to turn off the power
and escape the warehouse. Now proceed to the room to the left, and again in the top left corner will be a computer. Investigate this to learn you need a
power cord. Go to the room on the far right. In here will be door leading out, however it is locked. Check the boxes in the middle of the room for the power
cord, then go back to the computer. Return to the circuit breaker now and shut down the power. You will hear Mac fire two rounds and the lights will come
back on. You can go back to the room on the left to see a now zombified Mac and two corpses on the ground. Nothing to do here though so just head out the
door in the right most room.

Eastmoor Highstreet

Once outside there will be a number of zombies wondering around, so be cautious while moving around out here. First head to the right until you reach
the street with the barricades. In the middle of the barricades will be a storm drain. Investigate this to learn you need a crowbar. Now go back West to
the end of the screen to move to the next area.


If you would like to try the mini-games, you can do so at this point, but it is not necessary, or even really worth the risk. If you still want to, from
the Storm Drain go North to the next screen. Ignore the buildings, as well as the roof area. There is a large hole with an Arrow like you can go through
it but you can NOT. So head west down the alley and go in the second to last door. Once inside check the bed for the Spare Key. Now go all the way back to
the third house on the right this time. You will be able to enter with the key and play the three mini-games. Check that section of the guide for more
info. Once you are done, proceed back to the first area, then head West to the Park.

Eastmoor Park

Again, a lot of zombies wondering around. Head to the Northwest corner of the screen to find the Park Keepers Hut. The hut is obviously ransacked however,
a crowbar is located under the sink. Now run back to the storm drain and pry it open to gain access to The Sewers.

The Sewers

There are no zombies to worry about down here, and no items to get so it is just a quick run through. From the ladder, head south to the first
intersection then turn East. Follow this past another intersection, then turn South where the path ends. Continue South until you can go East, follow this
until you can go North, and then East again and you will find another ladder.

Go up this ladder to be in a fenced off area. To the left side there will be a medical pack. Grab this and go back through the Sewers and out the way you
came. Once back on on the streets, head back to Eastmoor Park, but this time go Southwest to find an exit to the Cemetery.

Eastmoor Cemetery

This is a big area, and you can check the open grave to see someone has been digging them up. There is a large building to the South, but we won't be able
to do anything there, so take the exit on the East Side.

Cherry Lane

There is a building directly North of you with a locked door. The door might open when you check it, but you can not enter the house. Head East and
there is a large building which on approach you will find out is the library. The doors will be barricaded, and you won't be able to enter.

From here go South and you will see what looks to be a kid drowning in the water. He will have an Exclamation Point but it doesn't seem to do anything.
Head past this kid and go East to move to the next screen.

44th Street

The building directly to your North has another bug with the door. It will show an arrow like it can be opened, but it is locked. Nothing to do here, so
head South through the exit to the next screen.

45th Street

Yes, even though you exited South, you will be facing East now.

There will be a line of soldiers on the East side of the screen. DO NOT TALK TO THE ONE ON THE LEFT END. All the soldiers will turn you away, but this one
will send you into one of the barricades, and you won't be able to move anymore.

In the first house, do not talk to the woman inside from below her when you have the med pack. She is scripted to walk down and if you are blocking the
way the game fails to proceed.

The first house to the North is our first stop. Go inside and hand over the med pack to the woman. Make sure to not stand below her when you do this as
noted above. Once done, exit the house.

Not much else to do here. You can talk to the soldiers for some extra dialogue, but otherwise go back to 44th Street.

44th Street

Go all the way to the right side of the screen where it leads into the large black pit. A new character will be standing here now you can talk to. He will
give you the key to the Library. This is not the same Library which was located on Cherry Lane. It is the house on this street that had the arrow but
you could not enter before, to the Northwest of your current location.

Inside, the Old Man will instruct you to kill the Priest located in the cemetery. Once the conversation ends, a new checkpoint is made.

Not that it matters, there is nothing left at this point. You can play the mini-games, but otherwise we are waiting for Patch #2, if it ever happens.

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