This is a short game and very easy to complete as well as collect all the achievements for those playing the Steam version. This guide is meant for the
the Steam version but should apply to the iOS, OSX, and Android versions of the game.

I am also using the XBox 360 controller to play with. Some people have had issues with this, and I recommend this thread for help getting the controller

I will also include some Youtube links for some parts of the game, but the game is easy enough to complete without them.

There are 30 collectible Stars and 23 Playing Cards for the Double Twin minigame. Stars will be noted with as “*Star” cards with “[]” in the
walkthrough. A list of locations for each is included at the end of the guide.


In The Beginning

At the start of the game you will be presented with your character and your first unlock displayed at the bottom of the screen, the “Right Key”. This will
allow you to move right, and obtain the chest there containing the “Left Key”. Proceed to the chest to the left for the “2D Movement” unlock. Proceed to the
third chest to unlock “Basic Scrolling”.

We will now have the ability to move up, down, left and right as well as to change screens, but not much else. So go ahead and proceed north one screen,
then right one screen to the next chest to unlock “Sounds FX”. Afterwards, move down one screen and grab the chest containing “Smoother Scrolling”.

From here, go right across the bridge, and then down and across a second bridge to the chest containing a “Sword”. You will now be able to attack
enemies and clear bushes with the action button. You may wish to backtrack to the earlier areas to cut through the bushes for a *Star and the Octorac []Card.
Go back up and to the right to get the chest to unlock “Monsters”. Proceed to the right, across the bridge.

Be careful of the monsters, as you will not yet have any life, and you will die from a single hit. I would recommend killing off any of the monsters before
getting the chest unlocking “Music”. Now, proceed north across the bridge and continue to the next chest to unlock the “Save Point”. As monsters can kill
you very easily, go ahead and save by walking on the now active save point.

Now head to the chest to the right to unlock “16 Colors Display”. Ignore the path to the right for now, and head back up and to the left to cross the next
bridge. Here will be a chest with your first *Star. Proceed left, cutting through the bushes to collect the []Bat Card.

Return to the right where you unlocked the “16 Colors”. From here, go right across the bridge, then further right and up across another bridge to reach
the second save point. To the left is the chest containing the “Storyline”. Holding the action button will speed up the text scroll. At the top of this
small island you are currently on will be a chest with the second *Star. Once collected, save and continue left across the next bridge.

On this smaller island, kill the monster, and open the chest to unlock “256 Colors Display”. Continue north across the bridge. This area will have a lot
more monsters so be careful. Follow the path to the next chest unlocking the “Sign Panel”. This sign will read:

“This path is reserved for agile adventurers.”

For now, keep following the path to the left and up to the next sign post
stating the path is blocked by a dimensional stone. We won't be able to pass yet, so grab the chest to the left unlocking “Free Movement”. We are now agile!
Head back along the path to the first sign post and move past the rocks previously blocking the way. Here will be the third save point.

Once your game is saved, head up to the next chest containing “Inventory”. The
statues here will come to life when touched. In order to kill these monsters it will be necessary to strike them from either behind or the side. Kill both
of them to gain “Path Unlocked”. Save your game, and continue north to unlock the “Overworld”.


There will be a path here you can follow to the next chest which unlocks “Turn Based Battle”. Random encounters will now occur, but they will all be pretty
easy so nothing to worry about. Keep following the path up to the next chest containing “Mode 7”. Now follow the path further north, and across the bridge,
taking you to the next area.

The Meadow\Papunika Village

Open the chest immediately in front of you to unlock “Places Name”, then continue north. There will be a group of statue knights, with a save point
above them. Save, and kill the knights as you had before to spawn the next chest containing “Village”, causing the village of Papunika to spring up around

Head left to the first new chest containing “Enter Houses”. You will now be able to go inside the houses. Before that, follow the path right and up to the
next chest to unlock “NPC”. As you are just a kid, no one will talk to you yet, so continue north to a well.

Enter the well to unlock “Secret Place”. Once down the well, head left and eat the floating seed to unlock “Grow Taller”. Before leaving, head right and
circle down to a chest containing the Worm []Card, then proceed back to the surface.

Directly next to the well will be a fence. Follow this to where it meets the to find a hidden path that will allow you access to the back yard. Head up to
the next chest containing the Kobra Zero []Card. Now head directly left to the next house, which has a hidden entrance on the right wall. This is the only way
to enter this house. Inside is a chest containing your next *Star.

Head back out and back toward the well. Take the path down and enter the front door of the house directly to the right of the well. Inside will be a chest
with the Tork []Card. On the right side of the house will be a barrel containing a Potion. You can check the cabinets here for some game references,
but that is it for this house so head back out.

Now follow the path to the first house on the left side of the village. Inside will be a barrel with 50 glis, and a chest which unlocks “Shopkeeper”. Talk to
the newly spawn NPC to see what he is selling:

Potion …. 50 Glis
Long Sword …. 100 Glis
Copper Armor …. 150 Glis
Phoenix Down …. 300 Glis
Rare Card …. 500 Glis

You probably won't have much money yet, but you should have enough to buy at least the Long Sword and possibly the armor. If you can only afford one, pick
the sword. We will be back for the rest shortly. Head back out and enter the house on the far left.

Once inside, to the left will be a chest containing “Innkeeper”. A potion will be in the cabinet to the right of the chest. You can rest here for 10 glis now,
but it shouldn't be needed. Once done, exit the house and proceed south to exit the village.

Back on the overworld map, grind random encounters to earn enough gold to buy the armor and the rare card. You can grind further to purchase a Phoenix Down
if you feel you might need it, but it isn't necessary. Just leave yourself with enough glis to stay at the inn. Once the cash has been collected, head back
into town, buy the rare card (the Emuk []Card), any gear you yet to buy. Stay at the inn, then exit the town from the bridge to the right.

Overworld/Hidden Meadow

Back on the Overworld map, head left to chest to unlock “Forced Fight”. With your upgraded gear these is nothing to this fight. Simply attack each Scaven
until all three are dead. The girl will be revived (whether if you bought the Phoenix Down or not), and you will be presented with your “Forced Choice”. You
will be given the option of naming the girl. Choose whatever you like, we will refer to her as Kaeris moving forward in the guide.

Continue left on the Overworld map, and ignore the cave for now. You will want to continue left, and down past the lake to the bottom most corner of woods on
the map. This will be the entrance to the Hidden Meadow.

On the first screen of the Meadow, head to the bottom right corner of the screen to find the chest containing the Slime []Card. To the left of this will
be a hole in the ground. Go down this to enter the Hidden cave, unlock “True Explorer”.

Head south to a fork where you will turn west, and continue south until you reach the next fork with a set of boxes. The first box will contain 50 Glis.
Continue south to the next set of boxes. The bottom left box contains a Potion.

Go back to the previous fork, but this time head east, then south to the chest containing a *Star. On the East side of this area is a hidden path which leads
to the Seed []Card.

If you have any trouble locating the meadow, you can use this video as a guide:

Once done, head back out return to town to heal/save, then proceed to the cave to the north on the Overworld map.

The Crystal Caves

Follow the path along to a quick cutscene where Kaeris will finally ask your your name. Choose whatever you like, we will be using Clink for the rest of the

You will be standing at a fork. Proceed North to the chest unlocking “Cave Monsters”. You will now have random encounters in the cave. Nothing difficult
as long as you take advantage of Kaeris's Heal spell.

At the fork head East, then East again to a room with boxes. The closed box at the top of the room will contain a Potion. The open box at the bottom of the
room will contain another Potion, and the bottom left barrel will hold 50 Glis.

Head back to the previous fork and head North, then Northwest at the next fork. This will lead to the chest containing “Experience Points”. You won't really
need to worry about grinding levels too much. Being at level 4 is plenty to beat the boss here. Continue North and around the corner to get a chest holding
the next *Star.

Head back to the previous fork and head all the way West and press against the wall to find a hidden path leading to another *Star. Now go back and head
North to get the chest unlocking the “Life Fountain”. This is a good place to grind for levels as you can just keep healing as needed. Once ready, continue
East to the next fork, and head South. This will lead to a room with a tile on the floor which will unlock the rest of the cave. A chest is located in the
bottom of this room with the Scaven []Card.

Return to the previous fork (and stop by the healing fountain to at least save) and proceed North. This will lead to the room with the Crystal, and your first
boss fight will start.

Kefka's Ghost
This is a very simple fight. Have Clink attack whenever Kefka is not in his
ghost form. Have Kaeris heal as needed, and attack (again only when not in
ghost form) when she can. The fight will be over in a few turns. You can also
reference the video here:

Once the fight is over, a cut scene will follow and “3D Mode” will be unlocked. Talk to Kaeris then walk on the yellow spot to exit.

Eden Vale

You will find yourself back in the first area, from the opening of the game. Except this time it is in 3D, and has the name of Eden Vale. Go ahead and grab
the chest to the right to unlock “16 Bit Music” and follow the path to the next chest contain “Life Hearts”. You won't have to worry about getting one shot
by monsters any more.

From the chest, head South and cut through some bushes to reach the next chest containing the next *Star. Cut through more bushes to get the chest containing
the Zoomba []Card. Now head back to the path, and follow it around until it reaches a dead end. Along the west side should be a set of bushes you can cut
through. Follow this path around to a chest containing the Pakkun []Card.

Now head back to the dead end path, and look along the East side for another set of bushes to cut through. This leads to a larger orchard area with bats.
Head south and you will see a chest which unlocks “Pixelated Textures”.

Continue South following the path, where you will be able to cross over that Dimensional Stone from earlier in the game. Wrap around then head south.
Cross the two bridges, past the save point, and continue south. You should reach a second Dimensional Stone, and a new chest unlocking “Life Bonus”.
Monsters killed will now drop hearts to replenish your health. A second chest follows this unlocking “Camera Zoom”.

Continue down the path until it ends at a fork. First, go south cutting through the bushes to get a chest with a Wasp []Card. Take the Northeast path with
three bushes you will have to cut through to get the chest with the next *Star. Go back to the fork and this time taking the Southern most path East. Here will
be another fork, where we will continue East to the chest with “HD Textures”. Keep going East, then North for another *Star.

Go back to the last fork and this time go South to exit back to the Overworld map.

Overworld/Noria Mines

Head south and grabbed the chest unlock “Three Dimensional World.” Head West from here and into the cave to enter the Noria Mines.

Inside, head North to the next chest which unlocks “Mines Open”. This will open three paths, but we will only be able to advance through one of them so head
North and grab the first chest to unlock “Breakable Pots”. Continue North to the next room with a chest unlocking “Pressure Plates”. Step on both the
plates that appear to unlock “Door Mechanism”. Head back to the previous room and go through the now open door for the next chest unlocking the “Red Wizard”.
Kill it and continue West.

This will lead to a room with another chest unlocking “Trap Room”. Your exit will be barred and three bats will spawn. Kill them to reopen the path and
spawn yet another chest containing a Key. Return to the previous room and use the Key on the locked door. The chest here will unlock the Skeleton.
These guys can be hard to hit. If you have trouble try circling around the statues in this room to hit them at an angle.

Continue through the room where Kaeris will recommend finding a mechanism to raise the tiles under the water. Head South to find the pressure plate that
will do just that. Go back, and cross this new path to the next chest unlocking “Maze”. From the chest go North, East, North, West, North, East, then North to
the chest with another Key. Then from this chest head all the way East to the chest with the next *Star.

Now head back West and at the fork go South, West, North, East, and then North through the lock door using the Key. Follow the path around, killing the two
Skeletons along the way, until you reach the chest unlocking the “Pushable Block”. Simply push the block up onto the Pressure Plate to open the door. In
the next room, do the same but this time with two blocks and head through the next door.

Cross this room to the East side where there is an alcove with a pot. Along the Southern end of this wall will be a hidden path leading to a room with
Pressure Plate. Step on this to open a door for a chest later. Now head toward the South pathway to trigger spawning three more Skeletons. You won't have any
statues to maneuver around, but just keep your distance and time your hits and it shouldn't be too much trouble. Exit to the south into the next room once
they are defeated.

The next chest will unlock “High Def User Interface”. Not much of a difference. Continue East through the room, and into the next with a chest that unlocks
“Hole”. You will need to hit the Orthorok so it falls into the hall, opening the door to the North.

We can now get the chest we opened the door for earlier containing the A'tuin []Card. Back in the main room, press either of the Pressure Plates, as it seems
either one unleashes two Skeletons first, and the second plate opens the door. Continue through that door to the next chest unlocking “Whirlwind”.

The Whirlwinds will come out three at a time. Wait for the third one to pass before attempting to cross. On the last set, you will want to allow yourself to
fall down the pit. This will take you to a chest with the Clink []Card. Go back and clear the whirlwinds as normal and head around the corner to the next
room and get the chest unlocking “Light Puzzle”. This is very simple. You will want to start on the bottom right tile, and either head straight up and around
or straight left and around until you reach the inner tile, opening the next door.

Head across this next room, into the room with the spikes. dodge the Whirlwinds the best you can to get to the other side. The chest here will have another
key. Head back across to the previous room and use it to unlock the door to the North. Hit up the save point and grab the chest unlocking “Lava”.

Head across the bridge to the next area where Kaeris will warn you to watch your step. Some of the tiles in this will drop you into the lava. Any time you
get close to one of these traps, it will open up, so just take it slow and it should be no problem. Once on the other side there will be a chest that unlocks
“Auto Fire”. This is not for you unfortunately and refers to the fireballs that spit out in the next room. Before heading South, take the path to the
Southwest which appears to be a dead end, but is actually another hidden path leading to the Spider []Card.

Head back out, and take the path South now, being careful of the fireballs. In the next room will be more fireballs, and a couple of trap tiles so be sure
to be mindful of those. The next room will be another Trap Room. There are a lot of enemies this time (don't worry, we are almost done). I recommend
targeting the Bats first, and hitting the Red Wizards whenever you can, saving the three Skeletons for last. Once dead, the doors will pop open. To the far
right will be a chest containing the “Dungeon Boss Key”. Right above this will be yet another hidden path leading to a chest with a *Star. Head back out and
smash any pots for health drops and exit this room from the West when done.

You will come out back at the start of the Dungeon. Before advancing, head North again to collect the now available chest with another *Star. Now head
back and West to the Dungeon Boss Door. Follow the hallway around, making sure to smash the pots if you are needing health as the next boss fight is in here.

Shadow Clink
Shadow Clink only has three main attacks he will perform. The first is a set of
fireballs he will launch. These will curve to adjust to your movements, but
they are still easy enough to dodge. The second is a dash attack, which you
will want to try to lead him into a wall with, as this will leave him stunned
and vulnerable to attacks. This is the only way to do damage to him. For his
third attack he will summon two bats, which will drop hearts when killed.
After he is defeated, you can return to this room at any time and press the
pressure plate to challenge him again.

If you are playing the game through Steam and manage to not get hit this will
earn you an achievement. If you do get hit, don't worry, as you can redo the
fight again at any time.

Defeating Shadow Clink:

Video for unlocking the achievement:

Head West after the fight and collect the “Legendary Sword” from the chest, and exit the mines from the South.


Back on the Overworld map, head East to the next chest unlocking “3D Fights”. This will upgrade the random encounters. The monsters will be stronger than
before but still not much of a problem. Use your potions or Kaeris's healing as before if you have any trouble. From here, head East to reach Aogai Village,
located on the edge of the desert. Doing so will unlock “Prerendered Backgrounds” as well.

Aogai Village

After the cutscene with Kaeris, head East two screens where you will find three more chests. These contain “Restless Child”, “Card Players”, and “Expensive
Merchant”. The items for sale are:

Potion …. 150
Phoenix Down …. 750
Silver Armor …. 2000
Fast DVD Player …. 5000
Rare Card …. 10000

You should have at the very least enough to buy the Silver Armor. I would go out and grind up enough gold for the Fast DVD Player as well. Don't worry about
the card for now unless you are in a rush to cards. This is the Undead King []Card, a boss you will meet later in the game. If you are needing healing, a
girl on the next screen North will provide that at no charge. Once ready, head back to the first screen of the village, then head North.

Talk to the man with goggles on his head. This will be Uncle Sid. You are given the option to name him whatever you like. We will refer to him as Sid for the
guide. Kaeris will announce we are ready to go to the Black Citadel, however Sid will inform us the Amulet of Gorn is required first. The Amulet is in two
parts, the first of which is in the Sacred Grove to the South. We will require bombs in order to get entry, and you are told to speak to Garen, one of the
Card Players. Before speaking to Garen, go over one screen to the East to unlock “HD Backgrounds”.

The next bit requires a lot of running around. First talk to Garen. He will then tell you to talk to the Nurse who is North one screen. She will tell
you to talk to the old lady near the well. Head back to where you got the “HD Backgrounds”. The old lady will then tell you to speak with
Deputy Raylan (Givens?) at the entrance of town. Raylan will tell you to talk to the woman standing next to Sid. She will then tell you to talk to the
Restless Child, who will finally give you the bombs. Kaeris will now rejoin your party. Save your game and exit Aogai Village.

Noria Mines/Eden Vale

Now that we have the bombs, we can go back to the Noria Mines and get the last few chests there. This will just be to gather Stars, so if you aren't
interested you can skip down to the next section of the guide to proceed with the Sacred Grove.

Once you enter the mine, go back through the boss room, careful to not step on the Pressure Plate, and down the hall until you reach the section of the wall
with the cracks. Place a bomb here to open a new path to a chest containing a *Star.

Now head to the first room of the Dungeon, then head north until you reach the next wall with cracks. Bomb here again, and follow the new path to the next
chest containing another *Star. Now proceed through the dungeon as normal, past the maze. and the whirlwind rooms, over the lava bridge, to the room with the
trap tiles. Along the North side of the room, will be a wall different from the others. Place a bomb here, and follow the new path to the last *Star for this

Exit out of the Mines from the main entrance, to the Overworld map, then proceed North to the Eden Vale.

Once collected you are ready to proceed to the Sacred Grove.

Sacred Grove

Upon entry, the path will be blocked by rocks. Place a bomb next to them to clear them out of the way. A small tree will block the path to the North so
continue East until you reach a floating crystal. Hit this crystal (with any weapon) to change back to Young Clink. You will now be able to move past the
smaller trees, but the Dimensional Stones will block your path again.

Head back North, past the tree, then West to another crystal to change back to Adult Clink. Go North now, past the Dimensional Stone, to find a hole in the
ground with a ladder. Down here will be a large room with more trap tiles.

Start by following along the Western edge of the room, then about half way up, make your way to the far Eastern side of the room, where a hidden path will
lead you to your next *Star. Head back out and continue to follow the East side of the room, around the corner to the northern wall. There will be a cracked
wall here you can blast a path with a bomb. This path will lead to another
*Star. Follow the Northern wall Westward and make your way to the center of the room, until you reach the chest with the Bow. Once obtained, head back to
the surface.

On the surface, go back South past the Dimensional Stone, and hit the crystal again to change back to Young Clink. Now go back to where the Sign Post was and
fire an arrow through this torch, hitting the tree on the other side to clear it out of the way. Change back to Adult Clink, go past the Dimensional Stone
once more, and proceed through the newly made path where the tree once was.

In this area will be another crystal and a Dimensional Stone. Place a bomb next to the crystal, and quickly run pass the stone before it goes off. This will
allow you to pass the tree and get the chest to the left containing the Kefka's Ghost []Card. Hit the crystal near the chest with a bomb and run past the shrub
as you did with the stone to change back to Adult Clink. Move back past the stone and hit the crystal yet again to pass the tree to the right as Young

There will be two torches, but one isn't lit. Stand behind the one that is, and fire an arrow so it goes through the fire and lights the other torch. Fire
another arrow so it goes through the newly lit torch, burning the tree to the left, and again to burn the tree to the right. Go back to hit the crystal
returning you to Adult Clink. Head East and past the Dimensional Stone to get the chest containing another *Star.

Now head back past the two torches, and take the path leading South. Follow this around until you reach an unlit torch. Below it will be a rock you will
need to blast with a bomb. Once done continue East, then North to another chest with another *Star.

From here, head South, across two bridges to where you will see a crystal to the left. Hit this with an arrow to change back to Young Clink. Go back over
the bridges, then immediately East, past the small tree. Follow the path around and head south until you see a torch with a rock next to it. Blast this rock,
then go back around the other side to shoot an arrow through this torch, lighting the one behind it. Now, go back once more, past these torches further
South where there will be an area with water surrounding yet another crystal.

Wrap around this lake so you are below the two torches. Light the torch to the, left first, then shoot an arrow from below each of the torches. The one on the
left will light the other torch opening the way to another underground area. The torn on the right will burn the small tree, allowing you to proceed as
Adult Clink. So hit the crystal now to change back, then head back north, and cross the Dimensional Stone to the right to go down into the underground area.

In the first room, kill the Bats, and push the blocks onto their respective pressure plates. The next room will be another trap. I recommend targeting the
Red Wizards first, then moving on to the Skeletons. Once cleared, get the chest to the right for the “First Half of the Amulet”. Before leaving, be sure to
blast the North wall for another *Star. You can go ahead and leave now if you are not interested in collecting. If so, skip ahead to the next section.

Back on the surface, head directly West, across the Dimensional stone. Another crystal will be here as well as a small tree blocking the path. Hit the crystal
and continue South. From here there will be a torch to the left. Stand below this torch and fire an arrow through it North. Now go back past the tree, and
change to Adult Clink, place a bomb next to the crystal, cross the Dimensional Stone, and allow the bomb to change you back to Young Clink. Go back north to
where the double bridges are with the crystal to the right. The torch here will now be lit. Fire an arrow through it to light the torch to the left side of the
screen. Head over to this newly lit torch, stand above it and fire an arrow through it. This will burn yet another tree so we can pass it. Then head back
south, wrapping around the lake, and hitting the crystal to change back to Adult Clink, and then back across the Dimensional Stone, where you will yet
again change to Young Clink.

Go past the small tree and head West where you will find another crystal to change to Adult Clink. Head north up to the river, then West across a bridge,
North again across a Dimensional Stone and bridge to a chest containing the Kaeris []Card. Now just go back South to find the exit out of this place.


Aogai Village/Overworld

Return to Aogai Village and talk to Sid. He will inform you the second half of the amulet is located in the Ruins of Sarudnahk. Thats where we are headed
next. Buy anything you might need from the shop (if you don't have enough for the card yet, don't worry, you will after this next dungeon) and take the exit
out of town by the Nurse.

The random encounters out here will be more difficult, but nothing you to serious. Kaeris will have the new X-Crystal spell you can use, but usually
healing is still more useful.

From Aogai Village, head Northeast until you should come across a bridge allowing you to cross the river. From here head North and into the cave to
enter the ruins.

Ruins of Sarudnahk

Head directly North and you will find a chest unlocking “Character Selection”. You can choose to play through the cave as either character, but it's pretty
much the same no matter what you choose. We will be using Clink for this guide.
Monsters will rush at you as the gameplay shifts to a more Diablo/Torchlight style. Other than health and the large amounts of Glis, most the drops don't
really matter at all, and are there just as jokes. The Glis gained here should give you plenty to buy that card if you have not already, as well as the Glis
related achievements. You won't have a map until further into the ruins, and I'll try to guide you the best I can, but really, its not needed other than
making sure you got all the Stars found here.

Once you have selected your character, head directly Northeast to find a chest unlocking “Chained Combo Hits”. This is incredibly useful here. Continue east
for another chest unlocking the “Life Bar”. Continuing East will yield yet
another chest unlocking “Ambient Light”. Keeping heading East until you are forced to go South. There will be a hill you can climb with a chest containing
the Dopple []Card.

Head back north, then back west. You should find a path that leads further North with a chest unlocking “Dynamic Light”. Continue North to find a Save
Point, then head West to another hill. Here will be the chest which unlocks the “Minimap”. Head into the room to the left for another *Star.

Proceed North across a bridge to reach a chest unlocking “Multiple Kills”. Continue North then East, then North again to the top most room for another
*Star. From here head South and you should see a small room on the left side with a Save Point. Continue South to the room with the Skull marking on the
Minimap to face the boss.

The Undead King
Again, only really three attacks here, much like the fight with Shadow Clink.
First is a swipe with his claws, which do a small amount of damage.
If you haven't noticed yet the hit boxes in this game are far from perfect,
so it can be tricky doing a hit and run against this. The second attack is another
fireball spell, but this time with a lot more fire doing much more damage.
Try to get one of the tombstones in between you and him any time he casts this
and just tear into him. The third attack again is bats. Like before,
kill these guys for health.
A video for this fight can be viewed here:

Once dead, go back north to the one area you haven't been to yet. Here will be the chest with the second half of the amulet, followed by a chest unlocking
the Town Portal, returning you to Aogai Village.

Aogai Village

The Town Portal will conveniently teleport you back next to the Expensive Merchant in Aogai. Go ahead and buy anything you haven't yet as you will
surely have enough money by now.

Return to Sid to inform him the Amulet is whole, and he will inform you of the location of the Black Citadel. Take the exit by the Nurse again (healing and
saving first). Head directly East this time from Aogai to reach the Citadel.

Black Citadel

Once entering the Citadel a cutscene will start, and you will be forced into a fight with Zephyros immediately after.

You can't actually win this one, but you will need to stay alive long enough.
Simply have Clink attack, and Kaeris alternate between X-Crystal and Heal as
needed. Once he hits you with the Kamehameha you can just let him kill you.
Kaeris will die unlocking Clink's Special ability. Summon Babamut to end the fight.

You can watch a video of this here:

Overworld/Aogai Village

Head back West to Aogai Village. As you are alone you will need to be careful, but if you find yourself in a pinch, you can use Heal now. Babamut will however
be on a cool down for 60 seconds.

Upon entering the village, heal, save and then talk to Sid to trigger another cut scene. Deputy Raylan will offer you some help, and Sid will give you the

You can now go to the Tree of Mana and face Zephyros again to finish the game. However, if you are wanting to get all the Cards and Stars, you can do some
Side Questing instead. See the Side Quests section of this guide for more on what is available. I would at least recommend doing the Choboko quest as it
will grant you an extra heart which can be very useful in the final battle.

Tree of Mana

The Tree of Mana is located to the North of the Black Citadel, and requires the Airship to reach. Once you enter the Tree, a cutscene will start, followed
immediately by the final battle.

Again only three attacks here, the first being the most difficult if you know
what to do.

He will start by slamming both hands down on the walk way and blasting you with
fire. Stand to the side for each blast and attack his hands until the orb is
destroyed in each. It takes only about 5 hits per hand.

Next he will float above the walkway and breath fire directly down. Run around
the circle to avoid this, but try to stay close if you can. Once he stops, hit
him once in the chest, then run around to the other side and hit the orb. Being
on the other side of the walkway now when he starts breathing fire makes this
part really easy.

Finally, he will revert to his original form and shoot energy balls at you.
Avoid the red ones, and knock back the blue one. All there is to it.

You can watch a video for this fight here:

Side Quests

Choboko Meat Quest

This is a very easy side quest as long as you know where to go. First take your airship to the area just south of Papunika Village, and start getting random
encounters. It shouldn't take more than a couple to get the Choboko to appear.
Now kill it.

The Choboko meat will drop on victory. Next step is to cook it so head to Aogai Village and talk to the old lady standing by the well. She will cook it for
you. With the cooked Choboko Meat in hand, you will next need to find the Merchant. He is located in a tent North of the Noria Mines. Simply walk on the
tent and press the action button to talk to him. After he is done eating he will reward you with an extra heart of health.

You can watch this quest completed here:

Forbidden Lake

The Forbidden Lake is located north of Aogai Village, hidden in a patch of woods next to some mountains. It is similar to the Sacred Grove, as you will
be doing a lot of shooting arrows to light torches, burn trees, and switching between Young and Adult Clink.

From the entrance, head north until you reach the first torch. Fire an arrow from the left side of the torch so it lights the one adjacent to it. From here,
head slightly North then East to reach a bridge, taking you to the island with the newly lit torch. Fire an arrow from below this torch, lighting another one
to the North.

Back track and continue heading North until you reach the first Crystal. Blast the rock below it with a bomb then head East to a chest containing a *Star.
Back track past the Dimensional Stone and stand below the small bit of water so you can hit the crystal with an arrow to change to Young Clink. Position
yourself to the left of the last lit torch and fire an arrow to burn the tree. Switch back to Adult Clink and proceed east.

When you reach the next torch, place a bomb to destroy the rock beneath it. Continue East past the Dimensional Stone until you reach a spot where you can
cut through some bushes to move north. Follow this path to a chest containing a *Star. Back track to where you cut through the bushes and go as far south as
you can to reach another *Star.

Backtrack somewhat North until you reach a Dimensional Stone, then head West across it, then go south to reach another crystal. Change to Young Clink, and
head slightly North to a torch. Stand above the torch and fire an arrow through it to the South. Return to the crystal and change back to Adult Clink. Place a
bomb next to the crystal and move across the stone before it explodes, changing you to Young Clink.

Continue South until you reach an area with 4 torches. If you need the Takoyaki Achievement, this is an easy place to get it. Clear the rocks and bushes from
the area, and light the remaining 3 torches. Then use these to fire at the monsters. Otherwise you can ignore the torches.

There will be another crystal to the left you can hit with an arrow to change back to Adult Clink. Head over the North most Dimensional Stone to get the
chest containing a *Star. Head across the Southern most Dimensional Stone this time and hit the crystal to change to Young Clink. Leave a bomb at the crystal
and quickly move pass the small tree to the north before changing back to
Adult Clink. Continue North to the next chest with another *Star. Proceed West and then South to the next Chest with the Zephyros []Card.

That's it for this area, head South to exit.

Babamut's Shrine

Babamut's Shrine is located Southwest of the Merchant's Tent on the Overworld map. Upon entry, head North to a 4 way intersection. You will want to head East
first. This will lead to a large empty room. Head South and attempt to enter the room below to trigger a trap. Skeletons will fall from the ceiling which
need to be killed. Once done, proceed to the Southern room and press the Pressure Plate. Return to the 4 way and head all the way West this time, to a
room with Spikes and Whirlwinds. Nothing we haven't seen before. Follow along the bottom of the room, then head north along the West wall, until you reach
the Pressure Plate. Press this and head back to the previous fork and go North, then again West to find the another Pressure Plate. Once pressed, a door to
the East will open.

Head East toward the door. Along the way you will pass a cracked wall. Blast this open to reveal a hallway leading to a chest containing a *Star. Head
back out of this hallway. and keep following the corridor along until you reach a room with another Light Puzzle. Before starting this, head along the
North wall to find another place to bomb, containing another *Star.

The Light Puzzle is easier than it looks, you just got to zig zag a bit to hit all the tiles. This will open up the final trap room. As usual, kill the bats
first, then the Red Wizards and Skeletons. The chest in the center of the room contains the Babamut []Card.

Double Twin

Card Locations

01. Octorac Card In Edenvale, just after getting the sword.

02. Bat Card In Eden Vale, across a bridge to the left of the first save point, just after the first Star.

03. Worm Card Found in a chest down the well in Papunika village.

04. Kobra Zero Behind the house next to the well in Papunkia village.

05. Tork Card In a chest in the house directly right of the well in Papunika village.

06. Emuk Card Purchased from the Papunika Village item shop.

07. Slime Card Found in a chest at the Hidden Meadow.

08. Seed Card In a hidden room on the East side of the Hidden Cave.

09. Scaven Card Located in a chest in the Crtystal Caves.

10. Zoomba Card In a chest behind the chest containing the 6th star in the Eden Vale.

11. Wasp Card At the three way fork near the exit toward the Noria Mines in Eden Vale.

12. Pakkun Card In a chest next to the river in the Eden Vale, near the dead end path.

13. A'tuin Card In the Noria Mines in a locked room.

14. Clink Card In the Noria Mines, fall through the hole where the Whirlwind traps are to be taken to the chest.

15. Spider Card In the Noria Mines, through a hidden path to the left of the Auto Fire chest.

16. Undead King Card Purchased from the Expensive Mercahnt in Aogai Village.

17. Skeleton Card In the Eden Vale behind a rock to the far right of the first save point. Bombs required.

18. Red Wizard Card In Eden Vale, to the right of the Papunika Entrance. Bombs required.

19. Kefka's Ghost Card In the Sacred Grove, behind one of the small trees in a chest.

20. Kaeris Card In the Sacred Grove, Northwest of the Southern Exit.

21. Dopple Card In the Ruins of Sarudnahk, in the Southeast corner.

22. Zephyros Card Just North of the exit to the Forbidden Lake.

23. Babamut Card At the end of Babamut's Shrine

Star Locations

01. In eden Vale, past some bushes, after getting the sword.
02. In the first area, across a bridge to the left of the first save point.
03. In the first area, just north of the second save point.
04. In the house above the well in Papunika village.
05. Located in a chest in The Hidden Cave found in the Hidden Meadow.
06. Found in a chest inside the Crystal Caves.
07. In a hidden room in the Crystal Caves.
08. In the Eden Vale, found in a chest after unlocking the Life Hearts.
09. In a chest in the Eden Vale near the exit.
10. On the other side of the trees from the last *Star in the Eden Vale.
11. In the Noria Mines, the Eastern side of the Maze section.
12. Located int he Noria Mines, down a hidden path behind the Dungeon Boss Key.
13. In the Noria Mines, just North of the entrance.
14. In the Noria Mines behind a cracked wall near the boss room. Bombs are required.
15. In the Noria Mines behind a cracked wall North of the entrance. Bombs are required.
16. In the Noria Mines behind a cracked wall in the room with the trap tiles. Bombs are required.
17. In the Sacred Grove, in the room with the trap tiles, a hidden path in the Eastern part of the room will lead to the chest with this star.
18. In the Sacred Grove, in the room with the trap tiles, the Northern wall can be blasted with a bomb to reveal the chest with this star.
19. In the Sacred Grove, to the East of the first torch you have to light.
20. In the Sacred Grove, North of the next two unlit torches.
21. In the Sacred Grove, behind a blast-able wall in the room with the first half of the amulet.
22. In the Ruins of Sarudnahk, in a room to the left of the Minimap chest.
23. In the Ruins of Sarudnahk, in the North most room on the Minimap.
24. At the Forbidden Lake, East of the first Crystal.
25. At the Forbidden Lake, further East past the previous star.
26. At the Forbidden Lake, South of the previous star.
27. At the Forbidden Lake, to the left of the spot with the four torches.
28. At the Forbidden Lake, just before the chest with the Zephyros Card.
29. At Babamut's Shrine, behind a cracked wall near the entrance.
30. At Babamut's Shrine, behind a cracked wall in the room with the Light Puzzle.

Steam Achievements

01. Left Key - Open the chest containing “Left Key”
02. 16 Colors - Open the chest containing “16 Colors Display”
03. 3D - Defeat Kefka's Ghost to unlock “3D Mode”
04. Experience Points - Open the chest containing “Experience Points”
05. Storyline - Open the chest containing “Storyline”
06. DVD Player - Purchase the DVD Player in Aogai
07. Card Champion - Win against the strongest Double Twin deck
08. Master Collector - Have all the Cards and show them to Garen in Aogai
09. Exterminator - Use a bomb to kill a bat
10. Sniper - Use the bow to kill a skeleton
11. Takoyaki - Kill an Octorac with an arror show through a torch
12. Choboko Hunter - Kill a Choboko in a random encounter
13. Star of Evoland - Find 10 Stars
14. Superstar of Evoland - Find 20 Stars
15. Megastar of Evoland - Find all Stars
16. Card Player - Win a game of Double Twin
17. Card Collector - Find 15 cards
18. Undertaker - Kill 100 skeletons
19. Turtle Soup - Kill 10 A'tuins
20. Heavy Purse - Loot 20000 glis in one play
21. Hoarder - Loot 50000 glis in one play
22. It Was An Accident - Destroy 20 pots
23. Excavations - Use a bomb to destroy a wall
24. Time Traveller - You the time crystal 20 times
25. Dodgeball - Defeat Shadow Clink without taking damage
26. True Explorer - Find the Hidden Cave
27. Dungeon Crawler - Find the Shrine of Babamut
28. Cartographer - Find the Hidden Lake
29. Hero - Defeat the final boss

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