The majority of these are story related and not missable. Only a handful can be missed and I have noted these. As mentioned before, I recommend making a new
save file at the start of each day in case you do need to go back. While not every day has a missable achievement, you may need to go back for missed points.

Day 1 Achievements

Storms Ahead - *MISSABLE* - Just read the newspaper on Day 1
Mime After Mime - Get the mime to distract the cop in the park.
At First Sight - Meet Malia Gedde at the Crime Scene.
Snake Hunter - Find the Snake Scale at the Crime Scene.
Optimistic Day One - End Day 1

Day 2 Achievements

Voodoo Studies 101 - *MISSABLE* Talk to Dr. John until only the “Himself” and “Chat” options remain. You do not need to wait for new topics to appear,
this can be obtained on your first meeting.
Identity Thief - Steal Mosely's badge.
Unauthorized Copy - Make a photocopy of the case file.
Southern Charmer - Flirt with Malia twice.
Twisty Day Two - End Day 2

Day 3 Achievements

Stalking 101 - Get Madame Cazaunoux address from the Vet's office.
Fortune's Son - Receive the fortune reading from Madame Lorelei in the park.
Advanced Voodoo Studies - Attend the Voodoo lecture at the university.
Making An Impression - Use the clay on Madame Cazaunoux's snake bracelet.
Star-crossed Lovers - Meet Malia in the cemetery.
Tempting Day Three - End Day 3

Day 4 Achievements

Grandma's Boy - *MISSABLE* - Choose the “Compliment Her” option as many times as you can when talking to Gabriel's Grandmother.
Three Dragons - Solve the clock puzzle. Refer to the walkthrough for more info.
What a Croc! - Buy Willy Jr from the Dixieland Drugstore
Checkmate! - Give Sam the Master Gambling Oil
Eyes of the Snake - Watch Crash die.
Frantic Day Four - End Day 4

Day 5 Achievements

Family History - Read Gunther's Journal
Sit Back and Enjoy the Show - Get Magentia to perform her snake dance.
Secret Decoder Ring - Solve the Loa Machine puzzle. See the walkthrough for details.
Snake Attack! - Hit the wall switch before Dr. John's python kills you.
Compelling Evidence - Convince Mosely to reopen the case. Check the
walkthrough for all the items you need to show him.
Feverish Day Five - End Day 5

Day 6 Achievements

Keeping the Beat - Decode the rada drummer in Jackson Square. Check the walkthrough for the codes needed.
Breaking and Entering - Enter Mosely's office through the window.
Coffin Rigger - Place one of the tracking devices in the small coffin at the Voodoo Museum.
Now You're Speaking My Language! - Successfully leave a message on Marie Leveau’s tomb.
Slithering Day Six - End Day 6

Day 7 Achievements

The Shadow Hunters - Learn about the Schattenjagers from Wolfgang.
A Fallen Friend - Find Mosely in the Gedde Tomb.
Dragon Fire - Complete the Schattenjager initiation ceremony.
Solemn Day Seven - End Day 7

Day 8 Achievements

Every Good Castle Has a Secret Passage - Solve the Coat of Arms puzzle.
Paper Trail - Read all the books needed to find where Wolfgang went.
Enlightened Day Eight - End Day 8

Day 9 Achievements

Gotta Get 'Em All - Collect all the snake tiles.
Pitfall Harry Would Be Proud! - Use the vine to get past the mummies.
Knotty Day Nine - End Day 9

Day 10 Achievements

Express Elevator to Hell - Use the Snake Rod on the knothole in the confession room.
Strength in Numbers - *MISSABLE* - Leave the Snake Rod and Signaler in the confessional booth for Mosely.
Solo Mission - *MISSABLE* - Don't leave the Snake Rod and Signaler in the confessional booth for Mosely.
Mercy is the Better Part of Valor - *MISSABLE* - Use the hand icon at the end to save Malia.
No Mercy - *MISSABLE* - Use the dagger on Malia at the end.
Triumphant Day Ten - End Day 10

End Game

Novice Schattenjager - Finish the game with less than 362 points, and try to save Malia. Don't use the dagger. If you are at full points at the end,
I'd recommend skipping the money or surgery room.
Master Schattenjager - Finish the game with all 362 points obtained. If you followed our guide this should be no problem.

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