This guide is for the Steam version of the 20th Anniversary Edition of the game. There is also Android and iOS versions as well, which should be mostly the same. This guide can be used for that, and will be similar enough to the original version of the game as well. You can use the old guides for this version of the game but there are some differences which may become confusing.

This is mostly the availability of some items and how they are obtained. Early on this is apparent with the books, as they now have their own screen. You don't just click around in the shelves to find them. Also, some areas seem to open up on different days.

The point system from the original game is still included. I won't be going to far into points, however, as if you follow the guide you will get all of them anyway. There are Steam Achievements as well. Again, I won't be going into them in the main walkthrough, but I will include them in a separate section. If you are wanting to get all of them, I would recommend creating a save file at the start of each day.

For each day, I will include a link to YouTube so you can see a visual example of what I am describing. These links will contain spoilers if you watch past the point of where you are in the game. It is not required to watch the videos in order to follow this guide. They are simply there for those that want to use them in conjunction with this guide.


If you had played the original, then you will know what to expect. Except for the graphics overhaul and a few other minor enhancements, the gameplay itself is the same. It is a basic point and click adventure game, like a lot of the other Sierra games from the 90's. Most areas are a single screen, where you will use the mouse to click on areas and items to interact with them. This includes finding key items, talking with other characters, and solving various puzzles.

The majority of the game takes place in the French Quarter of New Orleans. You will have a map which clicking on icons will take you to various locations. The Greater New Orleans area will open up to you on Day 1 which will include further locations. You will leave New Orleans for a part of the game, but no additional maps will be used for those areas.

The game does have multiple endings, as well as missable achievements. Most of these only matter on Day 10. If you want to get them all, make sure you have all the points. Once you beat the game with all the points, you can skip one or two things on Day 10 to get the achievement for not having all of them.


The game has options to use a keyboard, controller or mouse setup. This guide is written for use with a mouse. For the most part, it's playable with nothing but a mouse. Feel free to use whatever you are most comfortable with.

It is pretty easy to manage what icon you need to use in this version of the game. If you can interact with something, you will get a prompt as you place the mouse cursor over it. Once you click, you will be given all the available icons you can use in that situation, as well as your current active item.

A few things to note to make your life easier. Double clicking anywhere will teleport Gabriel to that spot. This is very useful in a number of areas, and will save you some time. Holding the space bar will also show all the points of interest on the screen. If you are having trouble finding something, it is usually a good idea to press space and clicking each of the points that show up.


Day 1

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After the nightmare sequence, you will be given a quick scene of the sunrise, and Gabriel’s assistant, Grace Nakimura, coming into the St Georges Book store. Inside, Gabriel will stumble out of his room, and have a conversation with Grace.

Once you have control, first read the newspaper on top of the counter. Then look at the cabinet doors on the lower side of the same counter. This will open up a new screen displaying the contents of the counter. Take a look at anything you want here, but be sure to take both the Magnifying Glass and the Tweezers. When you are done, press the big “X” in the top corner of that screen.

Now examine the bookshelf on the far wall. This will open another screen displaying a number of books. Read the book of German poetry, Das Lyrik, and the book on snakes, World of Snakes. You can also read the German/English dictionary to decipher a few words from the poem, but here it is translated:

“Drei drachen kriechen in meinen schlaf. Die seele woll'n sie lebendig zum fraß. Feurigen atems, gespaltener zunge genießen sie jedes Mahl.”

“Three dragons creep into my sleep. The soul they want alive for eating. Fiery puffs, forked tongue, they enjoy every meal.”

Now, X out of this screen and examine the cash register. Grace won't allow you to take any of the money, so take the gift certificate and X out of this. Now talk to Grace next. Important topics will always be highlighted yellow. Anything else just gives you further background on the characters in the game.

So, go ahead and choose Voodoo Research. Then Ask her for your Messages. You'll need to do this at least three times. First will be the message from your friend Detective Mosely. Next a message from a Wolfgang Ritter (notice the same last name as the author of the German poetry book) from Germany, and the last message of importance is from your Grandmother.

Ask Grace about anything else you want, then proceed into your bedroom. Take a look around at anything you want but be sure to take the Hair Gel from the bathroom, and the Flashlight on top of your dresser. Now exit back into the main store. Here, take the sketchbook left in the box on the counter. Once you have it, open your inventory and inspect the sketchbook. We are now ready to exit out into the city. Click on the door to leave.

After a quick cutscene you will be on the French Quarter section of the “World Map”. You can click on the two Voodoo locations, but they are closed for today. So, skip these and head to the Police Station. Head inside, and talk to the man sitting at the front desk. First, ask about Mosely, and then ask about the Crime Scene. Finally ask for the photos, then exit the conversation. Frick will then hand over an envelope. Go to your inventory and open it up. Once you are done looking at the photos, head back to the World Map.

Now go to Jackson Square park. When you enter this location, there will be a motorcycle cop standing at the front entrance. We will need to distract him so we can use his radio to find the location of the Crime Scene. In the top left section of the park will be a mime annoying the other park visitors. The trick is to get the mime to follow you over to the cop. This can be difficult as if he gets too close to the other park visitors he will go bug them instead, and you got to start over. So, go to him immediately when you enter the park and get him to follow you counter clockwise around the center statue. This almost always has the girl distract him, but that is okay. Just go back over and get him to follow you around the statue in the same path again, then walk down to the right side of the motorcycle. Once the mime is in range you will lose control briefly while the cop chases him off. Once you regain control, click on the motorcycle to listen in on the radio and find the location of the Crime Scene.

Exit the park, and you should have a new icon on each side of the map. This will be for going to the great New Orleans area. Click on this, then click on the Crime Scene icon (it should be the only one other than the French Quater).

A cut scene will start immediately. Once everyone leaves you will regain control to investigate the scene for yourself. First, select the sketchbook from your inventory, and use it on the markings to the left of the blood. Next, grab some clay from the shore of the lake. Now examine the tracks on the right side of the blood splatter. This will open up another screen with a closer look of the sand. On this screen look at the mesh pattern. Then directly to the right of that will be a scale in the sand. First use the magnifying glass from your inventory, then use the tweezers to pick it up. X out of this screen, and return to the World Map. Head back home to St George's.

Once you are back home, talk to Grace. Ask her about Snakes, then ask her to do some research on Malia Gedde. This will conclude Day 1.

Day 2

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Day 2 starts out much like Day 1 did. Grace will give you Malia's address, making her residence available on the World Map. Once you regain control, read the newspaper, then exit the book store.

You can go to the Gedde residence now, but I recommend holding off. The Butler won't let Gabriel inside just yet, so there isn't really anything to do there. Also, that location is always buggy for me and I recommend avoiding it for now.

First stop is the now open Voodoo Museum. There is a lot of stuff to look at here so feel free to click around. Be sure to take a look at the Shrine next to the entrance. A new screen will open, and there will be a flyer for Madame Moonbeam you will need to take. This will open her residence on her map, but we won't be able to go there until later. I would recommend hitting the switch on the other side of the door. Notice how the snake in the upper corner of the room reacts. Keep this in mind for later. You can also rub the wishing stump for a strange reaction from Dr. John.

When you are finished looking around, talk to Dr. John. First, discuss Historical Voodoo until you exhaust that option. This should unlock Marie Laveau as a topic. Talk about this to unlock the St Louis Cemetery location. Finally, discuss Current Voodoo. You can discuss any other topics you want with Dr. John and exit the museum.

You will need to discuss every option with Dr. John for a missable Steam Achievement. See the Steam Achievements for more information if you are interested in getting this.

Next, head the cemetery now located in the northern part of the French Quarter. On the first screen will be the groundskeeper. Talk to him about Marie Laveau, then the Other Marked Tombs. Discuss anything else you want with him, then turn your attention to the Laveau tomb. First pick up the red brick on the ground, and then copy the markings on the tomb with the sketchbook.

You can go a screen further in to see the Gedde family tomb. You can try going another screen further, and Gabriel will mention his family tomb is back there, but no need to go there now. Go ahead and exit back to the World Map.

Next stop is the Dixieland Drug Store. Once you enter, watch the bit with the store owner, Willy, and Madame Cazaunoux. Take note of their behavior and of her dog. Once they are done, look at the sign on the counter to find out about their St. John's Eve special. Now talk to Willy, first choosing the “Voodoo Murders” topic, then “Cabrit Sans cor'” and last, choose “Madame Cazaunoux”.

Talk to him about any other topics you like but he is clearly interested in divulging much else. Take a look around the store, if you like and head back to the World Map once you are ready. Next stop is the Police Station.

Talk to Officer Frick at the front desk and ask about Detective Mosely. He will instruct you to go to his office. Open the little side gate, to get behind the desk. Now before going into his office (it's the only door on the screen) use the Thermostat to raise the temperature to 80F. Once done, head into the office.

Mosely should now take off his coat when you come into the door. First, ask about the “Patterns around bodies”, and then choose “Other six patterns”. Exit and leave his office. You will need to talk to Officer Franks (she is the officer sitting at the computer) and ask her for the file. Take a look at it in your inventory, then place it back into the inbox on Frank's desk. Go back inside of Mosely's office.

Once inside, talk to Mosely again and choose “Photographs”, then ask for an “Cop/author photo”. Officer Franks will come in and take a picture of the two of you. When they ask if you need anything else, choose “Check my hair”. Once out of the office, take the file again from the inbox, and use it on the photocopier. Afterwards, make sure to return the original file to the inbox on Frank's desk. Then proceed back into the office.

The final bit we need here is to talk to Mosely again, and ask for “Coffee”. While he is out of the room, take the badge off his coat. You can talk to Mosely about any other topics you like after this. Once done head back to the World Map and go to Jackson Square.

First, go to the top right corner of the screen to see an artist working on a drawing. Once you get close enough, a gust of wind will blow the paper off of his easel, and it will land out of his reach by the center statue. Now talk to the Doobie Hot Dog vendor next to this statue, and offer him the Gift Certificate. Take the Hot Dog you receive in return, and give it to the kid tap dancing. Then ask him for a “Special Request”, then choose “Bars around the statue”. He will reach in and grab the drawing for you. Give this back to the artist, then give him the photocopied case file, and finally the sketch you made of the pattern at the lake. We are done here, so exit to the World Map after you have given him all the items.

Next stop is the Gedde Residence. This is outside the French Quarter, on the greater New Orleans map. Click on the door, and then show the Butler Mosely's badge to get inside the house. You will be taken into a room where Malia will meet with you. Take a look around if you want, but once done, talk to Malia. First ask about “Lake Ponchtartrain” then ask about anything else you want to know about. Once you are done, choose to flirt with her twice to end this scene.

There is nothing else to do here so leave back to the World Map and go back to St. Georges. Here, ask Grace to research Madame Cazaunoux. This will end Day 2.

Day 3

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After the nightmare, revealing a bit more each time, the day starts like the previous two. You will receive the white pages listing for the Cazaunouxs who live in the city. Once you regain control, read the newspaper to open the Tulane University location on the map. Then ask Grace for your messages to learn Detective Mosely is requesting your presence for an interrogation of a suspect.

With this done, head back into the bedroom. Grab the Black Shirt from the closet if you haven't already. Next, use the white pages Listing on the phone on top of the dresser. You can call each of the numbers to listen to Gabriel's social engineering attempts, but the number you need is 555-0128. It will be the number with the old lady with the dog Castro. Next, call the number listed for the vet's office. Ask about “Madame Cazaunoux”, then choose “I'm worried about Castro.” from the second list of options. The Cazaunoux residence will now be available on the map. We have to take care of a few things before heading over there though. The first stop is the Police Station.

When you arrive, take note of the drummer out front of the station. Head on inside, and go directly to Mosely's office. He will take the badge back here if you haven't been back to the station yet. Watch the interrogation and leave.

Next head to Jackson Park, and collect the completed veve from the artist. Go across the park to the top left side now. There will be a fortune teller set up here. Wait for her to get up to dance, and use the hand icon when she does. She will drop a veil on the ground, which you will need to pick. Examine the veil from your inventory to find another snake scale. Pick this up (you'll use the tweezers automatically this time) to add it to your inventory, then use the combine option with the other scale to compare them.

Once you are done comparing the scales, give the veil back to the fortune teller to receive a free fortune reading. After the scene, exit the park through the north entrance to enter the Cathedral.

Inside the Cathedral, go inside the top confessional booth on the left side. Notice the knot hole in the wall here, we will use this later on. Kneel down at the kneeler to talk to the priest. Feel free to choose any dialogue here, but once you are ready to proceed, choose “Confession” and then “Womanizer”. The priest will then leave for a lunch break. Exit the booth and go inside the middle door. There will be a box here with blessing oil (you can't take it) and a priest collar. Take the collar and return to the World Map.

Leave the French Quarter and go to the greater New Orleans view. From here go to the newly opened Tulane University location. The lecture starts as soon as you enter the location. It will be a few minutes long so get comfortable. Once you regain control, talk to the Professor. Ask about “Cabrit Sans Cor'”, “Human Sacrifices”, “St. John's Eve”, and then any other topics you want to know more about. Once done, show the Crime Scene Photo, and the Completed Veve from your inventory. He'll contact later on with more information, so head back to the World Map.

Make a quick stop at the Dixieland Drugstore. Ask Willy about “St John's Eve”, “Animal Masks”, and “Willy Jr”. Now exit back to the World Map and head to the Cazaunoux Residence.

Outside the residence, open your inventory, and combine the Black Shirt, Hair Gel and Priest Collar to make the Priest Disguise. Use this on Gabriel (just click on him to bring up the icon menu) and he will change clothes. Knock on the door (the one with the 345 street number above it) and say you are “Father MacLaughlin” to gain entry.

Talk to Cazaunoux and first ask about “Cabrit Sans Cor'”. Confirm the meaning of “Goat Without Horns” to have her really open up to you. Next choose “Human Sacrifice”, “Real Voodoo Queens” and then “Voodoo Hounfour”. She will then take out a silver snake bracelet for you to say a prayer over. When it shows the close-up of the bracelet, use the clay from your inventory on it to make a mold of it for later use. That prayer is amazing, by the way.

Now finish up any other topics you want to talk about and leave back to the World Map. Head over to St Louis Cemetery next. Nothing to do here on the first screen so head straight to the Gedde tomb to run into Malia. After the scene leave back to the map, which should take you back to St. George's automatically. Watch the cutscene and the day ends.

Day 4

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No nightmares this time, and Grace isn't very chatty. There is also a creeper hanging out in front of the store. When you regain control, try talking to the guy through the window. He doesn't move but it gets you points all the same. Afterwards, read the newspaper to open the Napoleon House location on the map. Next, talk to Grace and “Request Research”, and choose “Pattern Research” to have her also investigate the veve. Then ask her for your “Messages”. She will inform you your Grandmother called, which opens up her house on the World Map. Ask for Messages again to receive Wolfgang Ritter's phone number. We'll have to do some stuff before Gabriel is willing to call him, so go to the World Map.

Go to the Greater New Orleans map, and head to Grandma Knight's House. Once there, talk to her first, and ask about the “Knight Family”, and ask about each family member listed. Now head up to the attic.

Up here, first open the large trunk. There will be a wooden cross, and a picture under that you can move aside to reveal a key. Take the key, and exit that screen. Now operate the clock next to the chest. Now remember the poem from the book in St. George's. Rotate the icons so that the dragon is on top, then set the time to 3 O'clock. Now insert the key from the trunk into the keyhole located on the bottom, then turn the key. A drawer will open with a letter and a picture. Take both of these and look at both in your inventory, then head back downstairs.

You can show both these items to Grandma Knight but she isn't able to provide much information about them. Instead, talk to her again, and ask about “Schattenjager”, “Heinz Ritter” and finally “Wolfgang Ritter”. Talk to her about any other topics. When you are done, go back to the World Map.

Now, go to St. Louis Cemetery, and go all the way to the back to find the Wright Tomb. Talk to each of the members of the tomb, and a squirrel will run out and break the vase that was sitting in front. Look at the vase, and on this new screen take the $20 bill. Exit to the World Map and go back to St. George's.

As soon as you enter, Bruno will follow behind and ask to buy your father's painting. Agree to sell it to him, despite Grace's protest, and you will have enough cash to buy Willy Jr. Before you leave, go into the bedroom and give Wolfgang a call. Make sure to dial 011 before the number. Once done, exit back to the World Map.

Go to the Dixieland Drugstore and hand Willy the $120 to buy the crocodile mask. You will also receive the Master Gamblin’ Oil with this purchase. Now go to the Napoleon House, and talk to the Bartender. First choose “Voodoo”, “Bar Patrons”, and then “Sam and Voodoo”. When you are done, talk to Sam next (he is the one in purple). He isn't too much interested in talking, so use the Master Gamblin’ Oil on him. He'll need some convincing so tell him “Markus uses it”, “This is a powerful Voodoo oil”, and “Could make a NUN get lucky”. After this he will drink the whole thing. After the chess match, give the clay mold to Sam, then exit back to the World Map.

Make a quick stop at the Police Station next. Go to Mosely's office, and talk to him, choosing “Reopen Case”. Talk to him about anything else you want and exit back to the World Map. Go to the Jackson Square Overlook (binoculars icon underneath the park). Here, use the right most view finder to spy on Crash talking to one of the drummers. After this scene, exit and head back to the Napoleon House to collect your new bracelet, and exit back to the World Map once more.

Now go to the St Louis Cathedral. Here, talk to Crash, and then show him the bracelet. He will show you his tattoo and is more willing to talk now. Ask him about “Voodoo”, the “Drummer”, and the “Voodoo Hounfour”. This will end the conversation. Before you leave, examine his body. Lift up his shirt and use the sketchbook on the tattoo.

Leave the Cathedral to bring Day 4 to a close.

Day 5

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Once you gain control of Gabriel, read the newspaper, and then read both the Journal and the letter sent by Wolfgang. Next talk to Grace, and ask her to research Rada Drums for you. Take another look at the guy outside, then exit to the World Map.

First stop is Tulane university. When you enter, click on the door on the left to enter Hartridge's office. Hartridge has met the same fate as Crash, but we can still find some of his research. Use the gears icon on the desk. On this new screen, look at his notepad, then pick up the pencil. Now shade over the notepad (left click + hold) with the pencil to reveal his notes. Take these notes and exit to the World Map.

Return to the French Quarter and head to Madame Moonbeam's Residence. Talk to her and ask about “St. John's Eve”, “Snakes”, “Grimwald”, and from that menu choose “Show me”. She will then dance for you. Once she starts, use the Hand icon on Grimwald’s cage to take some of his scales. Examine these to see they do not match the Lake Ponchtartrain scale. Next, show her the Tomb Markings twice. She will refuse to translate them unless the Loa Machine allows it. This will open a new screen with the Loa Machine. It will look intimidating but it is much easier than it appears.

When the screen opens, press start and it will spell out the words you need which is “Trusted Friend” and then reset to a seemingly random combination. The levers at the bottom will change the letters and they are color coded. Use this color coding to work backwards to spell out the correct words, or follow these steps below. The Levers are numbered from left to right.

Lever Turns
3 1
5 2
7 2
8 2
12 1
11 1
4 1
6 1
1 2

Now exit to the World Map and save your game. You will go to the Voodoo Museum next, where one of the games first possible Game Overs awaits. The Museum lights will be off when you enter, and as Gabriel turns to leave he will be attack by the Museum's resident python. Quickly hit that switch next to the door to turn the fan on. If you don't do this in time Gabriel will be strangled to death by the Snake and you will need to reload. After surviving the attack, return to St. George's. Grace will pull a snake scale off your face and place it in the ashtray on the desk. First use the magnifying glass on it, and then the tweezers to pick it up. Open your inventory, and combine this scale with the Lake Ponchtartrain scale. We now have all we need to have Mosely reopen the case, so head down to the Police Station.

Take a look at the creepy girls outside, then head inside to Mosely's office. First inform him of Crash's and Hartridge's deaths. After this, give him the Reconstructed Veve, Hartridge's Notes, the Voodoo Article, and the combined snake scales. He will now leave the station to have the case reopen. Exit the station yourself to end the day.

Day 6

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After the David Lynchian mess has been cleaned up and you regain control, pick up the envelope that was pushed through the door and open it. A letter and key from Mosely. Now read the newspaper and exit to the World Map.

First go to Jackson Square. In the top right corner, will be the fortune teller. Talk to her, and then use the Rada Drum Book on the drummer on the right side of the statue. You will need to decode his message. This is easy enough, as each phrase starts with one of the triple beats. Simply choose “Call conclave”, “Tonight”, and “Swamp”. Once done exit out to the map.

Next stop is the police station. Use the Gears Icon on the car. This will open a new screen with a dead crow and a Tire Iron. Look at the bird, take the Tire Iron and head into the Police Station. Ask Frick about Mosely, then go back outside. Now go down the alley that runs alongside the station, and use the Tire Iron on the window to gain entry. Once inside, use the key from Mosely on the desk, and take the tracking equipment. Close this screen and you will be taken back to the map at the end of the cutscene.

Now go to the Voodoo Museum. You can try to talk to Dr. John but he doesn't have much to say to you. Look at the shrine with the coffin, then use one of the trackers on the coffin to place one inside. Take a look at the whip hanging from the ceiling to learn it is a Fwet Kash. Dr. John should kick you out at this point. Or if he doesn't just leave.

St. Louis Cemetery is next. Use your sketchbook on Marie Leveau's Tomb to record the new message written there. Then combine the two messages in your inventory to decode it. You will have all the alphabet except M, U, and Y. This will be enough for us to leave a message of our own. Use the red brick on the tomb. If the groundskeeper won't leave, try changing screens a couple times until he is gone. The message needed to be left is:

DJ bring sekey madoule

Now exit to the World Map and go to St. George's. Use the Snake Drawing on Grace. She will be reluctant so tell her “Costume party”, and then “Well, if you're jealous” to coax her into it. After the cutscene, back to the World Map, and from the Greater New Orleans map go to St. John's Bayou.

As soon as you enter, use the tracking device on Gabriel. All you need to do now is follow the dot. If it is towards the top, go up, if towards the bottom, go down. Same for left and right. The exact movements are:

Up Right Up Down Right Up Right

Once you reach the outside of the conclave, use the crocodile mask on Gabriel and he will change and head inside. Dr. John (or Brother Eagle) will ask you a couple questions first. Choose Damballah and then Ogoun Badagris. From here the cutscene plays out and the day ends.

Day 7

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Yes, it is normal for Gabriel's head to spin. He is not possessed.

Call Wolfgang first. Talk to him about “Schattenjager”, “Tetelo”, “Talisman” (twice), “Tetelo's remains” and “African Homeland” last. After you get off the phone, read the newspaper, then go to St. Louis Cemetery.

Head to the Gedde Tomb, where the door panel will be open already. Press the button and go inside. Someone will have broken the light, so use the flashlight on the darkness. You can check the drawers but nothing of interest are inside these. Notice the middle one has a veve instead of a name, and it doesn't open. There is an ossuary on the left side of the tomb. Use the gears icon to open a new screen with a puzzle. 5 of the skulls will have a gem inside one eye socket. You will need to press these in the right order. Luckily they left a picture right below this with the correct pattern. That is Top, Bottom, Left, Right, Center. The drawer with the veve will now unlock. Go ahead and open it to find Mosely inside. Gabriel will be hit over the head and lose conscience for a time.

When you come to, check the drawer again. Mosely will be gone but his wallet was left behind. Take this, then examine it from your inventory to get the Americans Repressed card. That's it for here, so hit the big red button on the right to exit the tomb, then go back to St. George's. You can try calling Wolfgang back, but you won't be able to get him on the phone. Go ahead and call “C” The World Travel Agency, and ask for “Rittersberg, Germany”, and then choose to “Charge it” to use Mosely's credit card. Tell Grace you are going to Germany then exit to the World Map. The Airport will be accessible from the Greater New Orleans map.

You'll arrive at Schloss Ritter, but Wolfgang has already left. First go through the door on the right to enter the chapel. Look at the 3 panels on each side, then exit back to the main hall. Close to the chapel doors will be a set of weapons on the wall. Use the gears icon on these to open a new screen. Take the dagger and exit that screen. Take the salt shaker from the table where Gerde is sitting, then go upstairs to the bedroom.

Next to the door is a scroll in a case. Take this, and the scissors. There is a large door across the room which won't open. Read the poem above this door then head downstairs. Talk to Gerde and ask about “Wolfgang”, “Where he went”, and “library”. Now go back to the main conversation menu and choose “Chapel Panels”, “Initiation Ceremony”, and then “Portal Poem”.

We are now ready to perform that ceremony. Now go back upstairs to the bedroom and open the window. Use the gears icon on the puddle of water. Next, use the scissors on Gabriel. Take the chamber pot and head back down to the chapel.

Once inside, place the chamber pot on the altar, then use the salt shaker on the pot. Next, use the dagger on Gabriel. Kneel at the alter (gears icon), then use the scroll on Gabriel to complete the ceremony. A cutscene will follow and the day will end.

Day 8

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This is by far the shortest day. Just a couple of puzzles, and we are done.

Take the key that has appeared and use it on the locked door to enter Wolfgang's library. Take a look at any of the books that you like, and when you are ready to proceed, use the gears icon on the coat of arms hangingon the left wall. You will need to shuffle the pieces into place to make a coherent image. Each square can be switched with any other, they don't have to be adjacent. I would recommend starting with the center of the the shield, and work your way out from there. Can't be any easier than that. Once done, a hidden passage will open up in the wall.

The passage will lead to the Schattenjager trophy room. I would be as excited as Gabriel. In the center display is a book on Benin. Take this to read it. It will recommend a book called “Primal Ones”. Exit this screen and go back to the library. Now use the Gears icon on the Sociology Books (remember you can use space to display where all the book types are) to find and read “Primal Ones”. It will recommend another book called “Ancient Roots of Africa”, so now click on the historical books. This will in turn recommend a book called “Sun Worshipers”, so read the religious books next. Next, read the archeology books for “Ancient Digs of Africa”.

Head downstairs and talk to Gerde. Choose “snake mound book”, and then give her the Americans Repressed card. Head to Africa to end the day.

Day 9

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You will start outside so head straight into the mound. In the first room, a tile (Tile 10) will be lying on the floor, pick this up but don't place it in the slot just yet. Think of the place like a clock. There are 12 rooms and each room requires a tile. Going up will move Gabriel clockwise around the mound. Two of the rooms already have their tiles in place, room 7 and room 12. That leaves 10 tiles that need to be picked up. Each tile will need to go in the corresponding room, based on the number of snakes shown on the tile.

Go up one room, and you will see a tile is in place. Use the gear icon to take a closer look. It will show 7 snakes, meaning this is room 7, the one before it was room 6, and the next room is room 8.

Continue up again, where you will find two more tiles (Tile 2 and 5), then go to the next room. Here will be another tile (Tile 6) and the Snake Rod, pick this up as well, then move to the next room. The next room has Tile 3, the following room has Tile 9.

Move up yet again to enter room 12. The tile here is already in place so nothing to do here. Go up two more rooms to find Tile 4, then up again for Tile 6, then again for tile 11, then finally up once more for Tile 1. That's all of them. You should be in room 5 currently, so go ahead and place the corresponding tile into the slot. Go through each room doing this.

You should end on room 4. Go down one room to room 3 and SAVE YOUR GAME. Use the snake rod in this room, but when you do the mummies will come to life. If they catch you it is a Game Over. You will need to make your way up through the rooms. The mummies are easy enough to get past. The first two rooms, just go immediately to the door. The following room will have a mummy block the door. Simply along the right wall of the room to reach the door. In the next room with 3 mummies, use the vines to swing past them into room 7, where the mural will have given way allowing passage. Use the Snake Rod again on the panel in the door way (not the one with the tile).

Once inside the inner-mound, walk to the right side to find a sacrificial table. Try lifting the lid to find it is too heavy (don't skip this). There are two bars on the wall behind the table. Take both of these to place them in the table. Trying lifting it again (gears icon on the bars). Still won't budge. Do as Wolfgang says and use the dagger on the mummy on the other side of the room. Watch the cutscene and the day ends.

Day 10

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Back at St George's read the note Malia left on the desk. Mosely will appear from your room. Go back there to talk to him. Talk to Mosely. You can give him his wallet back by choosing “Credit Card” if you want, but it doesn't make a difference. Now choose “Make Plans”. Gabriel will give Mosely the Tracking Device. Read the newspaper then head to the Cathedral.

Go into the confessional booth, and use the Snake Rod on the knothole. Once the elevator stops, place both the Snake Rod and the Signaler under the kneeler for Mosely.

If you are wanting to get the Solo Mission achievement, do not place these items. You can still finish the game this way, but you will not get full points.

Now, step out into the foyer, and save your game. There are some Game Over situations ahead. Now go through the door on the other side of the room. The Hounfour will be setup just like the Snake Mound. Go up to go clockwise, and to access the various rooms. First, go up once and enter Room 7. Take 2 robes and both the boar and wolf masks. Most of the following rooms are locked, or empty.

Keep circling clockwise until you reach Room 2. Enter the room and watch the scene. Afterwards, exit, and go up to room 3 and enter. This is Dr. John's… uh… room? There is a key card on the wall but don't take it, unless you want to watch Gabriel die. Simply exit the room without doing anything else.

Go up again and enter room 4. Take the Black Book sitting on the bottom right desk. Exit, then go up once more, and enter the archway on the right side. Enter the main room, and use the black book on the drums. Select “Summon” and “Brother Eagle”. Now you will need to move quickly as this will call Dr. John to this room. You do not want to cross his path either.

As soon as Gabriel is done playing, go through the top right path, then go up to Room 3. Take the keycard and immediately go up again. You should hear Dr. John return to his room, and shouldn't have to worry about him after that.

We can now check out those locked rooms. We want to go to room 8 last, so circle down back to room 1 first. This is my favorite room in the game. Take the money three times (until Gabriel says he can't carry anymore) and leave. Continue down to room 11, and again use the keycard to enter. Have a look around, then leave once you are done.

This is your last chance to save your game, you will not be able to again once you go inside Room 8.

When you are ready, continue down the hallway to Room 8, again using the keycard to go into the room. Use the Talisman on Grace, then open your inventory to combine the masks and robes. Give the Boar Disguise to Mosely, and watch the cutscene.

When you regain control, use the talisman on Tetelo. Watch another cutscene, and when that one is over, throw the talisman to Mosely. Tetelo will then throw you to the ground. Grab the idol to have Gabriel smash it. After yet another cutscene, you will have a choice of how you want to end the game. You can use the hand icon on Malia to try to save here and get the good ending. Otherwise, you can use the dagger on here, and receive the not so good ending.

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