Character List

These are just the characters of importance. If you have the names of the descendants please email me so I can add them.

Main Character
Alf Playable character if you choose to play as a boy. If you play as Aya you will come across Alf many times through the game.
Aya Playable character if you choose to play as a girl. If you play as Alf you will come across Aya many times through the game.
Towns People
Cammy Sleeping in the church. Reach gold or master level and he will give you a Mural Piece.
Carlin Girl at Arena desk. Talk to her to learn the rules or to enter either a open bet or license card battle.
Chris Can be found at your house. Chris will give you Airkicks after bringing Mickey home.
Chunk Steals the disc from the Tory Ruins. Can be found at his house located below the dock.
Cox Knox's brother. Lives in the house left of the Arena. You will have to find him in the Frant Ruins during the beginning of the game.
Will reward you with a Shovel. He is also in charge of the Old Ruins Excavation team.
Cox appears in Monster Rancher Explorer as the main character as well.
Goggle Suezo at the Arena. Give him 13 milkstuff and he will give you a rare disc.
Grandpa Grandpa stands by the city entrance after beating the game the first time.
Hans Goggle's trainer. After feeding Goggle the 13 Milkstuffs, talk to Hans and he will give you the Dragonsoles.
Kate Sits at the desk to the right at the Arena. Kate sets up the link battles.
Knox Cox's brother. Knox will ask you to find Cox in the beginning of the game.
Do so and he will copy cards(even Monster Cards) you own if you bring him some Old Paint.
Mac Mac is inside the Arena and will trade cards for items.
Mikey Younger sibling of the Hero. Have to find him for Thomas and Chris in one of the Ruins.
Millie Hangs out in the Shrine. After visiting the Old Ruins you will have to fight her on the 5th floor of the Rihet Ruins.
Momo Mocchi at the old people's house. Keep feeding it Milkstuff and it will give you up to 3 Mural Pieces.
When you get your silver expert pass, Waits will ask you to find him.
Mox Standing at the Dock in town. Talking to him allows you to trade stuff via link cable.
Rocker The super cool guy at the Shrine who returns the disc to there rightful places.
Selan Head guy at the Shrine. Changes all your disc into Monster Cards. Selan will request you find a disc that was stolen from the shrine.
Return this to receive a Disc? Charm.
Simone At the house with Momo. Simone will give you a Milkstuff when Waits ask you to find Momo.
Thomas Can be found at your house. Thomas will ask you to find your brother.
When you bring him home, Thomas will give you another Teambox.
Tim Can be found in three places. First time you see is at the fountain. He will ask you if you believe in miracles and give you a Coinsack.
Second time is at the Old Ruins where he will seal your cards. The third time at the city entrance.
Waits At the Momo house. Waits will ask you to find Momo when you reach Silver Class.
When you bring Momo back he will give you the Sandles.
Ruins Characters
Chic One of the brothers you must fight after throwing Wondacoins into the fountain. Will appear outside whatever Ruin you go into next.
Colt Will only see her if you play as Aya. If playing as a boy Holly will take her place.
Colt won't give you the time of day until you get an expert pass.
Then she will challenge you to Card Battles and will reward with some rather good items.
Conta One of the brothers you must fight after throwing Wondacoins into the fountain.
Conta will appear outside whatever Ruin you go into next.
Holly She will appear instead of Colt when playing as Alf.
Loker Stands outside the Ruins to welcome people.
Pharoh Descendant of the Old Ruins.
Tonky One of the three brothers you fight from throwing Wondacoins into the fountain.

Game Tips

These are just a few tips for beginners. None are crucial information for beating the game but some might help.

Save often! I stress this a lot in the walkthrough as well. It is important. You could lose a very valuable card and starting over from a much earlier point is
very discouraging. Saving before important fights and often in the ruins can prevent this. Since you can save anywhere and anytime you want, there are no
excuses to go on without saving often.

Its good to do the bet matches in the arena. Betting rare cards will get Nonie to also bet rare cards. You can get a lot of good cards this way. Also when
trading with Mac try different items. Certain items get him to trade different cards.

This is good way to find the staircase in the Ruins, but it is a little cheat.First save your game. Then use a sis lens. Find the stairs on your map and
memorize how to get there. Load your game. Now you still have the Sis Lens and know where the stair case is.

Don't forget to experiment with all the items. You may find some useful. But I found most to be pointless and only good for trading with Mac. Find which
ones work for you. The ones that don't trade away.

When beating the License Contest matches after you already beat the game once make sure you wear the Ringshoes. Carlin will give you two cards as a prize.
This seems to work with Holly\Colt as well.

When ask to find someone in the Ruins they are always around the 3rd floor.

Talk to the people in town often. They change what they say from time to time and give tips.

Battle Tips

Defense cards are important. Don't leave them out of your deck. Learn what they are and how much guts they take. This way you can expect what the enemy might
have in there hand and use. Same goes for attack cards. Try to guess your enemies next move is a basic part of battle strategy.

Concentrate on one monster at a time. It makes the battle go faster and by getting rid of one monster you make most of the cards in your opponents deck useless.

Its good to watch the cards other people play so you can learn them all. You will know what you are missing and learning what all the cards are early on will
help you predict what the opponent will have later on.

When you get more than one Teambox try making different teams. This way if one team keeps losing you can try with another.

If the opponent has no cards in there hand, this means they have nothing to block with. Use this to your advantage, but remember if they have no Guts there are
still defense cards that cost nothing to use.

Cards that do over nine points of damage are pointless. No monster you encounter will have life higher than nine. They are just a waste of Guts.

Save before every battle.

Pay attention to the all the cards stats. Not just damage and Guts.


First off you must choose between playing as a boy or a girl. This doesn't really have much effect on the game. So just choose one and give him/her a name. I will
be going by the default names just to make things easier.

Once you are done the game will open to you at the Arena. You will have to answer some questions asked by Carlin. Depending on what you answer, you will receive
a different team. If you answer “Yes” to all questions you will receive the Speed Team. Answer “No” to the first question, then “Yes” to all the others you will
be given the Power Team. Answering in any other way you will get the Miracle Team. The monsters for each team are:

Speed Team Power Team Miracle Team
Dino Golem Tiger
Hare Pixie
Mocchi Naga Suezo

Each team has there own advantages and disadvantages. Most find the Power Team to be the easiest to start with though. Once you have received your deck you
are taken outside where Alf/Aya is waiting for you. Which one depends on which one you decided to play as. They both just ask if you want to go over the rules
together so it really doesn't matter. It is a good idea to go over the rules if it is your first time playing. If you do choose not to you can always talk to
Carlin later to learn the rules. I do not advise going into battle without first hearing them.

Once Alf/Aya walks off you will be taken to your house to talk to Thomas. Once he is done giving you encouragement, there are a few things to pick up here.
First go to the clock that is next to the stairs. Check it to find a Mural Piece. Check the painting that is hanging on the same wall the clock is against for
another Mural Piece. Once you got these two head up the stairs.

This is your room. At the desk you can check your win/loss record. There is also another Mural Piece at the painting in your room. Once you are done here
head back outside.

Time to explore the town and get some Mural pieces. First go to the Arena. Inside there will be a plant in each corner that both hold mural pieces. The Suezo
here wants something. That something is Milkstuff. You need to feed it a total of thirteen and you will receive a disc containing Melonzo. If you talk to Hans
after this he will give you a pair of Dragosoles. So whenever you find Milkstuff make sure to bring it here. If you didn't listen to the rules when Aya\Alf asked
to go over them, now would be a good time to talk to Carlin. The last thing of interest here is Mac. He is the red guy to the right. He will trade you the items
you find in the ruins for cards. You can get a few rare ones from him so it is a good idea to do some trading with him. You can't trade event items with him though
(like shoes and such, not even the Fly Boots). Once you are done go back outside.

Next, go to the house on the left of the Arena. Check the green bag next to the computer and the book shelf for mural pieces. Leave.

Visit the house above that one. The bookcase and clock have mural pieces. Exit after robbing them of their goods.

Above that house there will be two old people standing at a dock. The oldman will let you use a link cable to trade items and cards. Check the boat (Yacht?) by
them for another Mural Piece.

The fountain in the middle of the town is for throwing Wondacoins into. Doing this will give you a free item. What the item is will be completely random. Its
possible to even get more Wondacoins this way. You find these Wondacoins in the Ruins. But right now you can only hold one at a time.

Go to the house on the right of the fountain. You'll find a Mocchi(Momo) who wants some Milkstuff like Goggle, but in return Momo will give you Mural pieces the
more you feed him. Three at the most. Check the bookcase and painting for more Mural pieces. Go back outside.

Now cross the bridge at the top and enter the smaller of the two building with the big black entrance. This is Knox's studio. He isn't here right now, so check the
top red barrel on the left in the first room for a Mural Piece. Go up to the top area and check the grey shelves for the final Mural Piece.

Last stop is the Shrine. Its the big grey building at the top. Isn't really much to do here but talk to a few people. The blue rectangle thing is the Mural you are
finding the pieces too. When you collect them all and all the cards in the game you get a disc with another rare monster on it(See? There is a point to it).

Try to leave the town now. Knox will come out of the Studio and and stop you. He want you to find his brother Cox. He has been missing for two weeks and he offers
you a reward for finding him so take him up on his offer. Go to Cox's house(at the bottom left side next to the Arena) and check the computer. If you checked it
while here earlier it is at the Tecmo Website, but now it says he has gone off to the Frants Ruins. He will be around the third floor. Go talk to Knox again and
leave town.

Now will be a good time to talk about the ruins. Right now there are only 3 of them but later you will be able to go to more. Only kids are allowed inside (Other than
Cox?)so you will be sent there often by the towns people. Every time you go to the ruins or leave a level the levels will be different and all the treasure chest will
be refilled with different items. Using a Sis Lens will give you a map and the location of the stairs for the level you are on. Rooms that are filled with dirt you
will have to dig out with a shovel. Good treasure in those places most the time.Sometimes you will see treasure chest in certain squares that you can't walk over. You
will need certain shoes for this.

Holes: Airkicks
Flames: Dragosoles
Spikes: Ironshoes
Electricity: Gumboots

Gameshark is required for the Gumboots. Code: 016388D0

There are four different types of people will challenge you in the different ruins. First there are the people wondering around who will ask you if you want to battle.
They generally have weaker cards and are not difficult to beat. There are other people wondering around who if you walk next to will automatically start a battle with you.
These guys are a little harder. The third group are the Ruin Guardians. They are invisible and when you walk by them you will be forced to battle them. They are found around
the treasure chest and more difficult than the normal people walking around. You can tell what monster card you will get from the disc at that particular Ruins by the cards
you win from them. If you use a fat lens you will be able to see all the guardians on that level. The final one is the Descendant. The Descendant resides on the 6th floor
of the Ruins and most be defeated for the disc and to advance your breeder rank. They are the most difficult of the people to face in the Ruins.

Outside the Frants Ruins Holly\Colt(Holly if playing as Alf and Colt if playing as Aya) will be standing there with another a monk (Loker). If you try to talk to her
right now she\he will just give you the cold shoulder and walk off, so just go inside. Head down to the third floor and look for Cox. He will be dressed in all brown
and is not hard to find. Talk to him and he will follow you. The stairs will be reversed and you can't use a Candarope. Be careful he likes to wander off. Once you
bring him outside he will go back to town. You should do the same.

At town first go by the studio. Knox will offer to copy cards for you if you bring him some old paint. Next go to Cox's house. He'll give you a shovel for digging in
the Dirt Rooms. That's it. Feel cheated? I did. Anyway, go back to the Frant Ruins now. Make your way to the sixth floor. Make sure to battle some people on your way
down. Its a good way to get cards. And save often. On the sixth floor will be a green tile that will take you out of the Ruins. Save your game and face the Descendant.
It won't be easy so be prepared. When you win you will get a disc and be transported to the Shrine where you will receive a monster from the disc.

Before moving on with the story you need to give any milkstuff you have to Momo and Goggle. If you have a Wondacoin, toss it into the fountain. Trading with Mac and bet
matches at the Arena are always good too. Make sure you save before doing those.

Once you are ready go to your house and talk to Thomas. He will ask you to go find Mikey Secai Ruins. Agree and head out.

Holly\Colt will be outside the Ruins again but will only say something short and walk off. Work your way down. Mikey should be somewhere around the third floor. Sometimes I
find him on the fourth. He will be dressed in all green and is easy to spot. Once you do find him, you must beat him in a card battle to get him to come home with you. He isn't
that hard but make sure you save first. The stairs will reverse like before so work your way back up. Mikey, being the brat he is, likes to run off. Don't let him fall behind
or he will say “Chance!” and run off in the opposite direction. I never seen him leave the floor and finding him is usually rather easy. He will eventually stop in a corner.
When you bring him outside he will leave for the town on his own. Go on back to town as well.

First use any Milkstuff\Wondacoins you have gotten then go to your house. Talk to Thomas who will give you another Teambox. Now you can make a second Team. Then talk to Chris
who will give you the Airkicks. Finish up anything else you want to do then head back to the Ruins.

Just like the last Ruins go to the 6th floor and fight the Descendant. I found this one easier than the last one. Beat him and get a disc. He will teleport you to the Shrine
and you will receive a new monster.

Do the normal town stuff and head off to the Tory Ruins. You don't have to find anyone this time. Just go to the bottom. Make sure to save before the battle. The Descendant is
rather hard here. The tougher out of the three. After you win the Descendant will notice the Disc is gone. Aya\Alf will show up and say she saw someone who was too young to be
at the Ruins. They decide it must have been him and you are teleported to his house. Face him in a card battle and win back the disc.

After you got your new Monster go to the Arena. Aya\Alf will be waiting outside. Listen to everything she says and go inside the Arena. Now its time to earn your Expert Pass.
Talk to Carlin and do the Contest - License match. You will have to beat Nonie three times. They always seem harder one after the other, but you can save between battles. After
defeating her you will receive a Bronze level Expert Pass, access to a new ruins, and a new card.

Carlin will tell you to go tell everyone in town that you are now at Bronze level but no one cares except the old people at the house with Momo. So forget all those other
losers and go see the geezers.

They will inform you that Momo is missing(Oh no! Not Momo!). Agree to help, get some Milkstuff from Simone, and be on your way to the Riost Ruins.

When you get to the Riost Ruins make sure you talk to Holly\Colt. They will battle you now. Make sure to save first, they can be difficult to beat. Win and get some
Skates. From now on they will appear randomly outside of different Ruins. They give up some really good items when defeated so make sure to fight them. The best items are
the Wondacoins and Feathers which are needed to get the Phoenix and the final few All Monsters and Breeder cards from Mac by trading them to him. Cards from Mac will require
the following passwords:

Phoenix All Monsters Breeder

Finding Momo in the Ruins is just like the last ones. Momo can be found around the third floor. But since you have some Milkstuff it will discourage it from running off.
Take Momo outside and it will return to town. Once again go there too.

Go see the geezers at Momo's house to receive your reward. Afterwards go to the fountain. There should be another old man named Tim. Talk to him and he will give you a coin
sack to hold Wondacoins. Once you have the sack go back to the Riost Ruins.

Same old drill. Battle your way down to the sixth floor and beat The Descendant. As challenging as too be expected. Win the disc, teleport back, get your monster.

You are now ready to move up to silver rank. This time you must defeat Nonie a total of five times instead of three. Remember to save in between battles. Not losing a match
is an important part of getting all the cards. For some reason every time I did this one the last match out of them was always a lot more difficult than the previous four.
Win all of them and a Silver Expert Pass as well as a new card will be yours.

Now that you are Silver Class dropping the Wondacoins in the fountain will start a side quest. Drop in enough and eventually Alf\Aya will say something about being watched.
Once this happens go to any of the Ruins. When you try to walk into one of them you will be stopped by one of three brothers and be challenge to a card battle. Beat each one
for some good prizes(including a new monster).

When you are ready go to the new Ancra Ruins. The Guardians are card playing bats but nothing else really unusual. Go down to the sixth floor and show that Descendant a
thing or two. Get the disc, get teleported and a new monster will be yours.

Do whatever you need to do around town then go to the Arena. Time to move up to Gold; five matches again. Once you beat them all you will get a new card and access to the
Rihet Ruins. Go there and beat the Descendant as usual. Disc, teleport, new monster is yours.

Finish anything up that you need to do in town and go to the Arena to finish up the last of the License Contest matches. Have to beat Nonie five times again. Save in between. Win
it and you will receive a few extra cards than normal, the very useful Ringshoes(double the amount of cards lost and won from card battles) and, if you won them all without losing
a match you will receive a new rare monster.

After reaching Master Class, first make sure you have found Momo for Waits and found Mickey for Thomas. Then go to the various ruins and keep looking for Holly\Colt. Repeatedly beat
them at card battles until a sequence showing three people coming into town and opening up a new area by your house.

Go to town and talk to these guys. They will say how its an Old Ruins but they won't let you in yet. Head over to Cox's house and Aya\Alf will show up, lots of talk, then Cox will
tell Samuel to let you in.

Go back to the Old Ruins, talk to Samuel, go into the Ruins. Start walking down to the bottom like normal. At the stairs though you will have to face the Descendants from the other
Ruins. They aren't any more difficult as before though. Once you get to the fourth Aya\Alf will be waiting there, he\she will mention how no one is there and talk about going back
to the Rihet Ruins. Follow him\her through the exit.

First, go the the Shrine and talk to Selan. You will be informed the disc at the Shrine has been stolen. Now leave town and go to the Rihet Ruins. Aya\Alf will comment that Milie from
the Shrine is on the fifth floor and just beat him\her in a card match. Go down to the fifth floor and beat Milie. Just look for the girl with the tan dress and pig tails. I never found
her that challenging but remember to save anyway. When you win she will hand over the disc from the Shrine. You will be teleported to the Shrine where you will receive a new monster
and a Disc? charm.

Okay, go back to the Old Ruins. Go back to the fourth floor where nobody was at (yes all the Descendants are back at the stairs). In the room Aya\Alf will be there again but just ignore
him\her. Go to where a disc would normally be and check it. Put the Disc? charm there. A new path will open up leading to some stairs. Continue going down normally and beat the rest of
the Descendants. At the 8th floor you will face the last battle. I don't think I need to remind you to save. Pharoh always gives me trouble. A friend of mine though just blows right past
him so I guess it just depends. After defeating him Pharoh will reveal his identity and ask you if you want to travel back in time in order to get all the cards you couldn't this time
around. The catch is all the cards you have will be sealed away.

Not much to note hear. Each time you start over pick a different team. This is very important. Make sure you have won all the License Contest undefeated twice. To get your old cards back
you will find a guy named “Grandpa” Standing next to Knox's Studio. Reach Master Class and talk to him. He will challenge you to a battle. Beat him and you will receive a disc containing
all your old cards.Following everything else I said and you should have all the cards after at least three times around. The last one left is at the mural in the shrine. Go there to get
the final one.

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