The game will starts with a map of the area. Three buildings are available to go to. The Guard House, the Tower and the Stage Studio. Toamuna will be at the
guard house and give you a little history of the place. This is where you can save your game. The Stage Studio is for using the link cable but no one is
there yet. The Tower is the main place where the game takes place. Naji (Toamuna's son)guards the tower. He can tell you things about the tower.
Contains 60 stages, 10 basement stage and bonus stages. I will go through the Tower stage by stage.

Stages 1 - 10

Stage 1
Monsters: Jell

Very simple. Just climb up the first crate and make another to the left of it to make stairs to the gold key. Make sure you brake the crate the key sits on to
get an item. Kill the monster either by shooting it or breaking the crate it's on. Then make a crate on the next level so you can jump to the door.

Stage 2
Monsters: Jell - Octopee

The first two crates have items in them. The one in the corner near the end of the screen also has an item. Make a crate to jump up to the second level. Then
make stairs to climb to get the key that is above you. If you make a crate in the top right corner of the screen and break it you will get a red diamond. Shoot
the Octopee, bust the crate by the door to get the item, and you are done.

Stage 3
Monsters: Ghos

The quickest way to get through this level is to kill the first monster then make crates to climb on until you get to the crate that is stuck in the divider.
Break this one and go down to the bottom. Go on to the third area. Kill the monster here and climb up to the key. The top two crates both have items. Get
the key and then just go across the top to the door.

Stage 4
Monsters: Jell - Henger - Pancho

If you are out of ammo this one can be tough. Just have to time your jumps right. Use a crate to block off the Henger once it is behind you. Hengers do not break
crates that are in their way. Other than that its rather straight forward.

Stage 5
Monsters: Dino - Jell

Bust the crate the Jell sits on to kill it quickly. Grab all the items. To bust the next crate that leads down you must duck and press A at the same time while
standing next to it(not on top of it). Make sure to grab all the items without going into the door before you are ready.

Stage 6
Monsters: Dino - Jell

Don't go through the bottom to get the key and the bell. Just go from the top. No items in the crates so don't bother with them until you have to. There is a
Monster Wings in this level that opens up one of the bonus levels. You need a complete disc and must have already found Pushute and Verde. The Wings is at the
space right above the red diamond. You have to make a crate there by getting on top of one of the grey boxes next to the space. Duck and make a crate. Go back
around and break it by jumping. Once you have cleared the stage you will be taken to the bonus stage.

Bonus Stage 1

First get the bell. A couple crates over has a 1up inside. Along the right wall you will find a bell and a disc piece inside the crates towards the top. On the
left side of the wall a crate near the top contains another disc piece and a crate below the floor contains yet another disc piece. To capture the Hare just
smash a crate it is standing on then touch it. Very easy.

Stage 7
Monsters: Dakkung, Jell, Joker

Make sure you go in the upper level to get the bell. On the crates to the right and left you will find some ammo. After you get the key go past the door (bust
the crate in the groove below the door to dodge the Joker) to the end of that little passage. Make a crate there and bust it. Another bell will appear.
Collect the bell and you are done.

Stage 8
Monsters: Octopee

The first two rows of crates you see only have items at the end. One of the lower crates by the key have an item. The two circular things are NOT items. The
monsters in this stage are coming out of these things. Grab the bell and key then drop down to the door.

Stage 9
Monsters: Plant

The Plant monsters shoot things that hurt you and destroy your crates which can
make climbing hard. Make a block in there line of fire as a shield can give you enough time to make the next crate and jump. Not to hard though.

Stage 10
Monsters: Psiroller

Both crates in this stage have good items. The bottom one holds another bell. The top one contains a corner of a Disc. The Psiroller monsters do not break
the blocks but just roll onto them which may set them loose in the room. This can be both helpful and detrimental at the same time.


You will see a sequence where someone appears and sends a very large Beaklon name Selket after you. You will have to beat this thing to get the key. It
will be on a platform with three crates in the center. You have to destroy all these crates to cause Selketo to fall to his death. He drops down spikes
that hurts you and destroys the crates. If you get hit three times you will die. Just watch where he is at and time your movements. When you get to the
crates you will have to jump at the first couple to break them. Then you should have enough room to break the last crate the normal way. Just don't
get killed and wait for him to walk into the gap. You will not be timed on this.

Stages 11 - 20

Stage 11
Monsters: Blue Flame

This one is the hardest one yet. The Blue Flames will kill you if touched. Don't bother with the Blue Flame on the left. Break the crate the the one on the right
is on then replace it. Climb up to the top, get the items, and build yourself a bridge to get to the key. Go ahead and drop down, but make sure not to go to the
bottom until you gotten the bell. You will be stuck down there otherwise. Once you have the bell then go to the bottom and go through the door.

Stage 12
Monsters: Psiroller - Plant

None of the crates here have any items. Not too difficult. Just watch out for the plant at the top. It will try to shoot you when you go for the door. Shoot it
if you have ammo. Otherwise its all about timing.

Stage 13
Monsters: Dakkung - Henger - Jell

There is an item in the crate at the top. Just make sure to block the Henger. Nothing else special really. Grab the items you see and go to the door.

Stage 14
Monsters: Joker

Get the items that are on the level you are first. Then bust either the left or right crate to go down. Watch where the Jokers are at. Wait until they are
not on the side where you have to go down is at. On the next level just bust the crate and go when the Jokers below are on the other side of the first crate
on your level. Jump down, bust that first crate, and jump in the hole. The Joker will just float over you. Jump up and go down to the next level. Just run
straight for the drop off. Wait for the chance to go back and bust that last crate. It has a bell inside. Once you have the bell you are done.

Stage 15
Monsters: Jell

This is another tough one. Kill the first Jell by breaking that end crate as soon as it gets on it. Replace the crate and jump on it. You will now need to
jump over the door onto the next level, hop over the Jell and then climb up to the next area. Now, At the left end of the level you are on make a crate then
jump up to the next level before the Jell touches you or breaks the crate you just made. To get the bell you will have to jump from here to get it. Go back
down to the door and make sure you don't jump on a monster by accident.

Pashute The Priest

You will now find Pashute the Priest. He will agree to activate the shrine and tell you how to seal monsters with the Disc pieces. On the main map the Shrine
will now be available.

Stage 16
Monsters: N/A

This is an extremely difficult one. You might not want to bother with the bell. I don't know any easy way to get it. And getting the jump right to get it can
waste all your time and the jump for the key can take a lot of time as well considering you have to make it a second time to get to the door.

First you want to fill all the blank spots leading from the floor to the key. Then you have to make crates up up the right side of the screen in the direction
of the bell. When you reach the spot where its two empty spaces on top of each other start crossing the room over to the key. When you have the key climb back
up and go to where the key was before. Instead of dropping down make some crates along the top. Don't skimp out on the one next to the door thinking you can jump.
Its easier to make one and just walk across.

Stage 17
Monsters: Dakkung

This one can be tough but once you know where to start at its all just jumping. Go up the right side of the room, not where the Dakkungs are. Just make a stack
of crates as you go. Go across the room and try not to fall. If you do fall and need to pass the Red Flame just break the crate that the Red Flame is sitting on
and it will go out. Once you have the key you can try to go back across the Stage from the top or you can risk the easier way but have to deal with the Dakkungs.
When you get below the door make your crates fast before the Dakkung guarding the door gets you.

Stage 18
Monsters: Dino - Jell - Psiroller

First climb up the right side of the stage killing the Dino and the jell by smashing the crates when they walk on top of them. When you are on the top
level, wait for the Psiroller that is inside of the area with the key to get to the bottom. Then smash the crate. This will free him. DON“T jump down there.
instead continue going. Go down the left side and bash your way through the crates until you get to the point you started at. climb back up, drop down on
the key and head to the door. Try to avoid getting in the Psiroller's path. I always do at the top level and end up letting him roll down the corner then
trap him with a well placed crate.

There is a Monster Wings here. On the bottom of the stage close to where you start there are two blocks stacked on top of each other. It is next to this on
the right. When you clear the level you will be taken to the bonus stage.

Bonus Stage 2
The crates in the corners have disc pieces in them. Various other crates contain various items. Bells, ammo, whatever. Just touch the Gali to catch it.

Stage 19
Monsters: Psiroller

This one you might want to skip some of the items. You can get them all but it requires a lot of patience. Just be careful of which crates you break and where
you put new ones.

Stage 20
Monsters: Jell - Naga

Very easy. Get the key and go to the door. But if you want some bad ass items you will find a bunch in the right bottom corner of the stage. Will take alot of
time but there is a 1up, a disc piece, and many other good things down there.


Another boss battle. This time there will be spikes on either sides of the room. Below the spikes will be levers. You have to build crates up so you are next to
the lever. When the monster is just about to where you are at hit the lever with the thing you make crates out of. You must be next to the lever. be on it or too
close and he won't trigger it. After you pull the lever GET OUT OF THE WAY! The spikes will hurt you to. Usually the monster will head the opposite direction
after getting hit buy sometimes keeps going the same way it was. Repeat this a few times and Ferious will die. Be careful though. This is a hard boss.

Stages 21 - 30

Stage 21
Monsters: Jell

The key will stash itself in a crate. It does not disappear… I thought this the first time I played this stage….. anyway…. Climb up the right side killing
the jells as you go. Smash the last crate out of the group that is lined up at the top to get the key. Go down and go into that groove with the bell. Then make
a crate to walk across. If you fall all the way down you will have to loop around again.

Stage 22
Monsters: Naga - Pancho

Avoid the little green guys, go down to the last level before the bottom and bridge yourself to the key, and head to the door.

Another bonus stage is available here and will be the last one for awhile. The Monster Wings can be found by making a crate at the third space from the bottom
against the left wall.

Bonus Stage 3

Just smash you way to the key and the Golem. Lots of items in the crates like normal.

Stage 23
Monsters: Naga

Have you ever played that old Nintendo game Lemmings? If you have this will look familiar. This stage is extremely difficult. The things keeps pumping out Nagas
non-stop at a very fast rate. I haven't really been able to figure out a good strategy for this level other than doing A LOT of fast dodging to grab the key and
get to the door as fast as you can.

Stage 24
Monsters: Ghost - Joker

Make crates to climb up on the right side of the stage. Make sure to time your falls when you go for the bell and the key. The bell is a little harder but the
key is easy to get. Once you have the key just climb back up to the top like before and bridge yourself to the door.

Stage 25
Monsters: Joker - Octopee

This one is pretty easy as long as you are careful. The crate above the door contains a 1up. The crate in the top left corner has a disc piece. The hourglass
thing appears to cut your time in half. Don't really think this is a good thing… The rest is rather simple.

Stage 26
Monsters: Henger - Plant - Joker

There is a very easy mistake here that can cause you to die. Don't go straight for the key. You have to take out the crate below the key or you will get stuck.
It is also good to take out the plant early. Just build a crate for it to walk on then smash it. The crate closest to the door contains a disc piece. When you do
make the drop for the key, but be careful not to fall on the Joker or Henger.

Stage 27
Monsters: Blue Flame - Octopee

This is another hard one like the Naga room. Just move fast and you shouldn't have too much of a problem. An Alf Doll is in on of the crates towards the bottom.

Stage 28
Monsters: Dakkung - Psiroller

Another Psiroller level. Just patience and timing is all you need. On the right side if you make a crate against the left wall second from the edge of the level with
the Dakkung and the key, smash it to get a bell.

Stage 29
Monsters: Naga

Another stupid level with the Nagas. Not as difficult as the last one though. Breaking the crates under them works really good. Get the key then go straight
for the door.

Stage 30
Monsters: Naga

More Nagas. Nothing really good in any of the crates so don't bother. Just get the key, knock out the crates so the Nagas mostly go straight to the bottom and
go to the door. Make sure you grab the disc piece above it and don't miss the bell at the very top of the stage towards the left.


You found another person. Verde is in charge with the monster checkpoint. Now that you have both Verde and Pashute you can start getting monster of your own.

Stages 31 - 40

Stage 31
Monsters: Jell - Joker - Octopee

Bridge yourself across this level and watch out for the Jokers. At the very bottom is a disc piece but if you have no ammo the monsters down there can be
hard to dodge.

Stage 32
Monsters: Blue Flame - Henger - Naga

You may have trouble with this but to get the bell on this level go straight for the door without getting the key. Make a crate above it and break it. This
will make a bell appear in the crates place. Next thing to do is get the key. The trick is to get in between the key and the Henger then place a crate in
front of the Henger so he can't touch you. Then just wait until he is far away to smash the crate so you can escape. Its best to put the crate where
there is nothing above it so you don't have to worry about breaking it but that can be tricky. If you want the item where the Naga is bust the crate out where
when he walks into the gap he will fall straight to the floor. Don't bother with the crate that has the Blue Flame on it if you have ammo. Just shoot towards
the wall and the fire ball should climb the wall and hit the Naga. If you do have to break the crate with the Blue Flame make sure to get out of the way fast. Then
just climb up real fast to avoid the Henger.

Stage 33
Monsters: Joker - Naga

If you have ammo use it on the Jokers right away. This will make things a lot easier. Avoiding the Nagas just takes some luck and good a lot of quick dodging.

Stage 34
Monsters: Dakkung - Octopee

This isn't too hard. These types of levels are getting annoying though…. Typical strategy for this. There is a crate in the second row from the bottom
left side of the stage that contains a disc piece.

Stage 35
Monsters: Naga - Psiroller - Octopee

This time the circle thing produces Nagas and Octopee's alternately. They aren't too much trouble though. Just be fast. The only way you are going to get to the
door is by smashing the crate the Psiroller is on letting it free. Hurry up to the door though. The thing will circle back around pretty fast.

Stage 36
Monsters: Dakkung

The only crates that have items are the three in the row the Dakkung can't his. As you climb keep putting up crates as shields from the Dakkung's missiles.

Stage 37
Monsters: Ghost - Henger - Jell

The key is all the way in the top corner. When you start making crates to climb up there do it all the way against the right corner where the ghost are not at. When
you get it build crates the third row from the top and jump back over to the door. One of the crates towards the bottom on the right against the wall contains some
ammo and one on the left side about a space from the left wall has a bell. Couple other small items in the others. Not much worth getting killed for though.

Stage 38
Monsters: Joker - Naga

More Nagas. If you have the Hare right now I would suggest using it. That's the only way I can beat this level. You need to get where all those gems are. Once you
do that you are safe from the Nagas for a bit. In the bottom right hand corner there is a crate containing a disc piece.Now climb up. There will be a joker
floating around up here. Just make a block in front of the ones you are standing on for him to break so he will turn around. Get the key and head back the way you

Stage 39
Monsters: Psiroller

Trap the monsters as you go and it shouldn't be too hard as long as you don't take to long. There is a time increase item in a crate by the door. This helps a lot.

Stage 40
Monsters: Octopee

Its good to use Hare on this level again. Gali is good as well.I found it a bit easier to wait most of the crates have been destroyed before going for the key.
As long as you don't stay under the portals the Octopees jump out of you should be fine.


Another boss battle. I found this one very easy. Its most enjoyable getting to kill a giant Naga after all the trouble they have given me. You have to light the
candles in the room by shooting them with fireballs. Punisher will drop down giant purple ball looking things that will hurt you and destroy your crates. But
when the crates are destroyed they leave behind more ammo. When you think he is going to attack on the side you are on just try to get close to the wall and you
will be fine.

Stages 41 - 50

Stage 41
Monsters: Blue Flame - Octopee

I do not believe there is anyway to beat this level without the Golem. You need him to destroy all the crates in the level. But don't do that right away. First get
the key. It is in the crate closest to the portal that the Octopees are coming out of. Let a few of them go by before grabbing. Then replace the crate but put it one
space below the original. This will trap all the Octopees that come out in the groove where the first crate was. Now break the crates that the Blue Flames sit on. Put new
ones on top of them to climb on. Get to where the crates go all the way to the floor by the door. Use the Golem and rush to the door before the Octopees find their way to you.

Stage 42
Monsters: Ghost - Joker

This one is rather easy. Just build crates to the key being careful of the Jokers and time your drop for the key. As you fall make sure to fall either to the left or
right to avoid the ghost.

Stage 43
Monsters: Naga

Using Gali here will help you pass these Nagas with ease. You are in for a challenge otherwise.

Stage 44
Monsters: Blue Flame - Octopee

Right above where you start at will be three crates with with a Blue Flame on the end boxes. The one in the middle will contain a Monster Wings. If you still have Gali
equip it will make getting this a lot easier. The Octopees get in your way often. Go from the left to the boxes. Knock out the block underneath the Blue Flame first. Then
go down to where the flame is and make a crate in the space directly above it. Go back up and get the Monster Wings.

Now continue going right and up to get the key. Then drop back down and go to the door. If you don't have Gali you are going to really need to rush. This can take a lot
of time to do.

Bonus Stage 4

More crates with items. Grab Suezo and the key and exit when you want.

Stage 45
Monsters: Ghost - Henger - Red Flame

There will be two crates in this stage right next to each other. The left one has nothing. The Right one has ammo. Get this ammo and just blast the monsters. Best
thing to do in this level. To get the key smack the Red Flame then hop in the air, grab the key, then press right to make him land next to the Red Flame. Bridge
yourself over the flames on the right and climb to the door.

Stage 46
Monsters: Blue Flame

I have yet to do this one with out dying once. Just work your way to the top, drop down get the key. I usually get stuck her and run out of time trying to get back to
the top. Once it starts over the door will still be open so go to the other side and drop down to where the door is.

Stage 47
Monsters: Ghost - Naga - Octopee

This one can be hard if you do not know where the key is. But I will tell you and make your life easy. Aren't I a great person? Do NOT use Golem in this level. It
will cause your doom. The ghost will start working his way up the middle of the crates dividing into two halves. Also this makes a path for the Nagas and Octopuses
to follow so they don't bother you while you are after the key. Both sides contain some pretty good items but start with the left side first. The second from the top
row of crates contains the key. Once you have this I suggest you go to the door but if you want to item hunt go ahead some good stuff and at least one time extension
item on both sides of the stage.

Stage 48
Monsters: Naga

Shoot the stupid little Naga, get the key, then leave. If you don't have ammo use Hare or Gali and do some quick dodging around the Naga.

Stage 49
Monsters: Dakkung - Jell - Joker

Watch out for that portal that is above you when you start. I suggest you get on the next level as quickly as possible. The Jells that come out of there live a long
time. The only other important you have to do is kill the Jell by the door. Bust a crate out from under him(which will get you a 1up as well) and go through the door.

Stage 50
Monsters: Psiroller

This is the hardest one with the Psirollers yet. Might take a few times to beat it but Gali once again comes in handy and just trap them as you go.


You know all that talk about harder battles ahead the other people in the Towers were saying. This is what they were talking about. Dragon will not be easy to beat.
When the battle starts go to the right area of the stage and you will find it stamping its foot causing rocks to fall. When they do fall they make ammo. Collect
a lot of this. The rocks are not what you have to worry about though. To kill it you need to build a platform to stand on so you are right in front of his face. Now
crouch down and fire when the foot lights up. The fireball should trail down the side of your platform and hit the floor. This will cause the Dragon's head to light
up. As soon as it does shoot it then run away in the opposite direction because it will spit out a spread of fireballs at you. Repeat this a few times, and he will be dead.

Stages 51 - 60

Stage 51
Monsters: Jell - Naga

Gali works great in this level. Just use Gali and it should be no problem.

Stage 52
Monsters: Naga

More stupid Nagas. Just be quick and it shouldn't be too much trouble. Hare and Gali work well on this level.

Stage 53
Monsters: Dakkung - Ghost - Psiroller

This stage is easy if you don't need the 1up. Otherwise it is extremely hard. If you do want it try using Gali to stop the Psirollers long enough for you to get the
one up and go back around. If not just drop down to grab the key when the Ghost is almost at the bottom. Then make a crate to use as a bridge to the door.

Stage 54
Monsters: Blue Flame - Joker - Psiroller

First you have two options. the first Blue Flame you deal with you can choose to jump over it now or jump over it later. I find jumping over it now is easier since
there is nothing else to deal with. If you want you can smash the crate its on and send it down with the other mess of things to deal with. After you decided there is
a crate you need to smash right now. Its the one that is all the way at the top sitting on the solid grey boxes. Now just drop down, dodge the enemies, smash the
crate the Blue Flame(the one under the key) is sitting on and make one on top of it to get the key. After you have done this go all the way to the other end of the
screen and start going up. This is the really hard part. You need to jump on the crate that the Psiroller is on. You have time smashing the crate so it goes off in
the direction opposite of where you will be going then replace it. When you jump on that crate jump into the space you made earlier at the top. Then go to the door.
There is nothing special in any of the other crates so don't bother with them.

Stage 55
Monsters: Blue Flame - Naga - Pancho

This one took me forever to beat. First hop over the Naga, bust the crate below the Blue Flame then make your way down to the key. Go back up to where you started. Smash
the crate that is above the Blue Flame next to the door. Hop into that groove that is next to the crate under the Naga and smash it. After the Naga falls make a crate to
walk on and grab the items. The next part is hard. You need to jump over the blue flame on to the solid grey box above the door. This is very hard and almost not worth the
items. Now comes the crucial part. You have to have Golem. I do not know of any other way to beat this level. Use Golem while on the box above the door and you should drop
right into it.

Stage 56
Monsters: Ghost - Henger - Jell

Just take out as many as you can. Trap the Hengers and knock crates out from under the Jells. Up up the right side then down the left side. Then back up the right to
get to the door.

Another Monster Wings here. Can be found in the top left corner of the screen.

Bonus Stage 5:

Various items in the crates as usual. Grab the tiger an the key then go through the door when you are ready.

Stage 57
Monsters: Dakkung - Ghost - Joker

Go up the right side to get the key then go up the left side, and cut across the top to get to the door. Take your time. Its easy to get stuck in between all the monsters
running around.

Stage 58
Monsters: Octopee

The Monster Wings are very obvious this time. You see them right from the start. Just be quick getting the key and the wings. Gali helps as usual.

Bonus Stage 6:

Items in the boxes. Grab Mocchi. Leave when you want.

Stage 59
Monsters: Blue Flame - Octopee - Psiroller

This is another one of those really hard ones. First get the key. It is in the crate below the door. Now start going up from the right side. Go left at the second
opening. You need to drop that Blue Flame down. Jump at the crate its on but do it as far over to the right as you can since you need to move out of the way as soon as
the crate breaks. Continue going up the way you were. When you get to the top go all the way to the other side and go down. As soon as you get to where the Blue Flames
are start going right then back up. Follow the path to the door.

Stage 60
Monsters: Blue Flame - Joker

Super easy. First drop down and go left. Smash the crates below the Blue Flame then go back and head right. Take out the other Blue Flame then continue up and right to
the key. Grab it then go straight across the top to the door.


You are finaly at the top. And now you must fight Nada's monster. If you played Monster Rancher 3 you will recognize his monster as the secret Zan. It was the one
that was ultra secret and suppose to be bad ass but wasn't really all that great. All you have to do is try to dodge the attacks and collect the disc pieces. When you
get all four Moochi will activate causing you to flash. Now just touch him. Repeat this and victory and a Silver Key is yours.

Guess what? Its not over yet. Now its time to collect more of those Silver Keys that you got from the Zan. They are scattered throughout the Tower.

Silver Keys

Stage 3:
In the middle section of the Stage half way up and to the right. In plain site.

Stage 9:
Top left corner of the room.

Stage 15:
It is half way up against the left wall.

Stage 24:
Against the left wall.

Stage 29:
Right by the portal the Nagas are coming out of.

Stage 36:
In between the two Dakkung's on the left wall.

Stage 43:
In the middle of the screen there is a row of three crates. It is in the one on the left end.

Stage 47:
Dead center of the screen. The ghost will clear out the crate it is in.

Stage 53:
Its right by where you star on the other side of the grey box.

Basement Stages

Basement Stage 1:
Monsters: Blue Flame - Octopee

Drop down for the key from the left. As soon as you land make a crate blocking off the area the key was in from the floor. This will keep the Octopee from bothering
you. Climb back up the right side of the room. Smash the crate underneath the right Blue Flame. Don't bother the left one. Go back to where you started and drop down
to the door like you did for the key.

Basement Stage 2:
Monsters: Blue Flame - Naga - Psiroller

Go to the top. You need to wait till the Psiroller is near the bottom before dropping. Then you need to fall, smash the crate on the right, and go into the
space where the crate was. Go back to the top and fall back into that space again. This time bridge yourself over to the door. Gali does wonders in this Stage.

Basement Stage 3:
Monsters: Dakkung - Psiroller

That first Psiroller isn't going to stay in there for very long so hurry up. Go get the key and go to the door. Gali works good here as well.

Basement Stage 4:
Monsters: Plant - Psiroller

Gali is good again too. Just be careful about which crates you break and where the Psirollers are. Shouldn't be too hard.

Basement Stage 5:
Monsters: Joker - Octopee

Be quick enough to avoid the Octopee and you should be fine.

Basement Stage 6:
Monsters: Psiroller

Use Gali and try your hardest not to get hit by the Psirollers.

Basement Stage 7:
Monsters: Dakkung - Ghost - Psiroller

This one is very difficult. You need some ammo to get past the first Psiroller if you don't have Gali. Climb up the side of the Stage with the ghost. You have
to be fast though since it makes quick trips up and down. Jump across where the Psirollers are. You can use Gali if you want here but you can run straight across
if you time it right. Once you reach the end with the Dakkung shooting missiles down climb up. Make sure not to get hit though. When you get to the top drop down
to the key. Now just repeat what you did to get to the top but instead of dropping down just keep going straight to get to the door.

Basement Stage 8:
Monsters: Ghost - Plant - Psiroller

Drop Straight to the bottom. Make some stairs to get to the crate side. Smash the crate and continue going right. When you get to where the Psirollers are at it is
good to use Gali since you have to go through there. Drop down the side and make sure to get the time increase item because you most likely need it. Then get the
key but be careful to wait until the Plant starts walking the other way. Then you need to hurry up so you don't get in its path. Now go back to the place with the
ghost and climb up to the door.

Basement Stage 9:
Monsters: Blue Flame - Jell - Psiroller

The only way I know how to beat this level is to use Gali. Where the door is there are two Psirollers running around. You need to drop down there and get to the floor
underneath where the two Blue Flames are. So wait until the two Psirollers are on the same side and use Gali. Drop straight down. Now bust out the crate under the
1up. Go to where the Blue Flame is and smash the crate below it so it falls to the floor. Drop down the space and smash the crate next to the key and slip into that
space. Grab the key and bust out the crate below and jump down to the floor. Now climb back up to the top and go to where the Psirollers are again. You will most
likely need to use Gali again to get to the door.

Basement Stage 10:
Monsters: Ghost - Joker

Best thing you can do on this level is use Gali or Suezo. Stop all the monster or out run them. Just get to that red disc in the corner and you are done.

That's it, you are done. The end sequence will play, then the credits roll.
After that the screen goes back to the map and you are allowed to explore the Tower all you want.

If you don't recognize the other person in the ending or where Cox is at, you should play Monster Rancher Battle Card. Alf is one of the main characters and
they are at Cox's house. The Nox he talks about is Cox's brother but in Battle Card he is named Knox.

Character List

Cox The main Character of the game. This is who you will play as. If you played Monster Rancher Battle Card you should recognize Cox as the researcher you had to find in the Frant Ruins.
He is here to study the Tower and write a paper on it. This is what made Cox into an adventurer.
Toamuna She stays at the Guardhouse where you can save your game at. Toamuna is a descendant of the people who originally inhabited this area and has lived by the tower her whole life.
Naji Naji is the guard outside the Tower. He is also Toamuna's son. He says he is on vacation since no one ever tries to climb the Tower anymore.
When everyone in the village decided to climb the Tower he stayed behind to help the other people who came to challenge the Tower.
Pashute One of the people from the villiage who climb the Tower but didn't return. He is being held prisoner in the Tower.
He is the Priest of the shrine and good friends with Verde. Once you find him you will have access to the Shrine and be able to regenerate monsters.
Verde Verde is another one of the villagers who challenge the Tower and didn't come back. She is in charge of the Monster Checkroom.
She will hold onto the monsters you don't need and let you come back for them when you do. This is very useful.
Bodka You meet him after defeating Nada. Nada was keeping Bodka prisoner in the Tower since he knows about the Phoenix.
Bodka was the one who made this Tower and knows the most about. He will run the Studio after you free which makes it possible to use the link cable to play with other people.
Kalum He is the first person to make you battle his monster. He is one of Nada's followers who guard the Tower from people like you. His monster is Selketo, the Beaklon. You face him after Stage 10.
Mistral She is the second person in the Tower you will meet who will put you up against a monster. She controls Ferious, some weird Centaur\Pixie monster.
I don't believe it is in any other Monster Rancher game. You will find her after stage 20.
Rafaga The third boss monster owner. This time it is a Naga named Punisher. He is Nada's personal servant. Rafage is found after stage 40.
Tempest Last of the people you will meet before Nada. By far the owner of the strongest. He has a Sragon named Dragon(I guess he isn't very original). He will be found after beating Stage 50.
Nada Nada is a priest who came to this tower long ago and conquered it looking for some mystical power.
She is the one who imprisoned all the villagers in the Tower and also who trained all the monsters who are in the different stages trying to kill you. Nada controls the Zan you must face at the top of the tower.
You will find her after beating Stage 60.

Monster List

Friendly Monsters:
Hare: Increases speed of character. Is found on Stage 6.
Gali: Stops time and movement of monsters. Is found on Stage 18.
Golem: Destroys all crates and grey boxes. Is found on Stage 22.
Suezo: Allows you to see hidden items. Is found on Stage 44.
Tiger: Kills all monsters. Is found on Stage 56.
Mocchi: Makes you invincible for a short time. Is found on Stage 58.

Enemy Monsters:
Blue Flame: A flame of blue fire. Doesn't move and can't be destroyed. Using the A button causes it to shrink for a short amount of time enabling you to jump over it.
Dakkung: A duck head the sticks out from the walls and shoots missiles that destroys crates and kills you. Will die when shot.
Dino: Breathes fire and dies if it falls from any distance. Will destroy any crate in its path.
Ghost: Floats up and down. Can only be killed by shooting it. Destroys any crate put in its path.
Henger: Flying Robot. Only dies if shot. Floats back and forth. Will not destroy crates put in its path. It will just turn around.
Jell: Walks bath and forth. Will break any crate in its path. Dies if it falls any distance.
Joker: Floats back and forth. Will break any crate that gets in its way then turns around. Will die only if shot.
Naga: Destroys any crates in its path. Only dies if shot.
Octopee: Same as the Naga. Destroys any crates in its path and dies only if shot.
Pancho: Walks back and forth. Turns into a melon(squash?). Does not destroy crates. Dies only from being shot.
Plant: Walks back and forth. Shoots seeds that destroys crates and kill you. Dies if it falls or is shot.
Psiroller: Runs around along any surface in circles. Dies if shot.
Red Flame: Same as the Blue Flame but will go out if it falls any distance.

Boss Monsters:
Selketo: A Beaklon. Drops large spines from above. Belongs to Kalum.
Ferious: A Pixie\Centaur. Unique to this game (at least at the time). It will try to trample you. Belongs to Mistral.
Punisher: A very large Naga. Drops weird looking purple balls on you. Belongs to Rafaga.
Dragon: As the name suggest, a very large dragon. Causes rocks to fall and breathes fire. Belongs to Tempest.
Zan: Has no name. Is just a Zan monster. Teleports, flight, and does all sorts of things. Belongs to Nada.

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