This game is a clone of the old, top down Zelda games. If you have played any of the old Zelda games, Link's Awakening in particular, it should be pretty
straight forward, but knowing where to go and getting all the achievements may be confusing for some. Following this guide will clear all of this up, as well
as net you all the achievements. None are completely missable, but you may need to go back for a couple of them towards the end.

Basics and Play Tips

I often include YouTube links to videos for specific parts in my guides. These videos are not necessary, and are just there if you prefer a visual reference
at some points. There are a lot of twist, turns, north north north east east east, etc in the dungeons so these may come in handy.

You will have more item slots than items. Don't worry, this is not an indication that you missed something.

Apples and arrows will drop more often the less you have on hand. Don't be afraid to use these. Don't think you have to save them for when you really
need it.

Gold is also in abundance. Expect to max out (999) by time you complete the third dungeon. After you complete the Sword and Crossbow challenges, you
won't have anything else to spend it on, so stock up on Bread at the village store.

If you missed any achievements after beating the game, you can still load your save file to go back and get those even after you have left the island.


The Beach

When the game opens you will start washed up on a beach. Grab the Sword on the screen and make sure to equip it to which ever button you feel most
comfortable using to attack with. The sword will be assign for the majority of the game so I do recommend picking one and sticking to it.

Follow the coast North, and then West until you reach a cave opening. This is the first dungeon for the game.

Seaside Cave

You can see a full video for completing this dungeon here:

This dungeon is very simple and is mostly to get you use to playing the game. Though if you have played any Zelda game you should know what to expect. In
the first room, kill any enemies and head East. Clear any enemies on this new screen, and continue North to the chest containing the Dungeon Map. Bring up
the menu to view the map. Please note, One Screen does not equal One Room on the map. Rooms will often be multiple screens, which can get disorienting at

With the map in hand, head back to the entrance of the Dungeon. From the first room, head West this time. In this room kill the monsters to have a chest with
a key Spawn. Go back to the first room and open the lock door to advance.

Now head North along the East side of this room, and proceed to the next room to the North. Clear the room of monsters, but don't use any apples just yet.
Round the corner to find the first Big Heart, expanding your max health and healing you completely.

Go back around the corner and back into the previous room, then proceed West. Continue West for two screens, then North two screens to reach a room with a
chest containing gold. Go back to the previous room, and proceed South along the East side of the screen. Head East two screens, and then North two screens
to reach the first boss.

Crab Boss
This is a very easy fight. He only has one attack which is reaching out with pincers.
Run up to him so he reaches out at you. Simply move out of the way,
stab him in the face, and repeat until dead.

Head up North one screen to get the Shield, then North again to exit the Seaside Cave Dungeon.

Island Village

Back outside now, go East until you see a dirt path, then follow this North. Make sure to cut down any bushes along the way to collect gold and apples.

The path will lead to the Village. Once you enter, one of the villagers will suggest you go to the inn for shelter from the storm. Head one screen East
and you are there. Talk to the man behind the counter to stay the night. It will cost 30 Gold but you should have plenty more than that.

When you wake up, go back down stairs and the Inn Keeper will suggest you see the Mayor, who resides in the house to the Northeast. Leave the Inn and travel
North two screens to locate the item shop. Buy some bread if you want, but nothing too important here. Go East one screen from the shop to reach a house.
Go in here, and head upstairs for two chests containing gold. Exit the house and proceed East one screen and then South. The house here will contain
another chest with gold. Exit then go two screens North to reach the Mayor's house.

No extra chests in here, so simply talk to the Mayor and accept the quest to get rid of the Seal of Life and vanquish the ghost. Exit the house and go one
screen South. You will now be able to exit the village to the East here.


We are going to make a quick detour before proceeding to the next dungeon. Once you are in the forest, go 4 screens East to reach a large house. There
are two challenges that can be completed here, one for the Crossbow, and a second for another Big Heart.

The first challenge is with the Sword. Run around and hit the targets, and don't get hit by the traps. The traps are arrows that shoot out of the posts
when you either trip a wire, or hit a target. You can usually see where they shoot from, so if you have to trip a wire or when you hit a target, either
stand out of the way, or quickly block with your shield. All there is to it.

Once you have the Bow you can move on to the next challenge. This one you will have to hit all targets within 45 seconds. Just hit each target from a
range and you will do fine.

You can see a video for both challenges here:

Once done, head upstairs to get your gold back from the chests (and possibly more), and back to the village. Head back towards the Inn, and exit through
the path to the West of there. Now go East, South, South, East, and North to reach the Farm House. Head inside and up the stairs to find two chests. The
one on the left will contain a Big Heart. The one on the right will have two Breads. Take these and go back to the Forest Entrance.

Ancient Hollow

From the forest entrance, go two screens South, then one East. From here, go South from the path on the far right of the screen. Then go East, and East a
second time from the upper most path. From here, simply go North two screens to reach the entrance to the Ancient Hollow.

You can watch a video for completing this dungeon here:

Once inside, hit the wall switch on the left hand side and go one screen West. You will then go North, taking the right most path on the screen. Go back to
the previous screen and head North up the other path. There is an arrow trap in here but it's easy to pass, or just block with your shield. Go one screen
North to find a chest containing a Key. Head back to the dungeon entrance.

Now hit the other wall switch and go East. There are going to be a lot of arrow traps moving forward, but just take your time and use your shield and
you should do fine. Head north one screen, then ignoring the two doors at the top of the room, go one screen West. Wrap around the water, and take the Left
most door North. Shield/Dodge your way past the arrows, and take the Stairs up.

You will start to see a number of black pits. Falling through these will take you back to the previous floor as well as deal damage. Ignore these for now,
and go South, West and South once more. Hit the switch in this room, then proceed East through the bottom doorway. Again, hit the switch and proceed
East, then North to find the Dungeon Map.

Head back South then West, and now this time, go North. Hit the wall switch and go South through the left most doorway. Proceed West, then North, and
North again through the newly opened door. In here will be a chest with a good chunk of gold. Once collected, head up the stairs.

Once on the next floor, go one screen South and two East. The doors in this room will slam shut, and you will need to kill all the enemies in the room
to have them reopen. Proceed East to the next room, and collect the Apples from the chest. Heal now if needed, then jump down the hole in this room.
You will be back on the second floor, in the area you could not reach before. Head North, then West, being mindful of the arrow traps. In this last room,
jump down the pit to the far left of the room. This will drop you in a room with a chest containing the next Big Heart. Collect this, hit the wall
switch, and proceed back up to the third floor.

Go back South one screen, and another East. The next screen North will be the boss fight. Heal up as needed and double check your map for any missed rooms.
Once ready proceed North.

Giant Raven
Another simple boss fight. He will only have two actions, stomping around the room,
and summoning smaller birds. Kill these smaller enemies to have gold, apples, and arrows drop.
Using the Bow can make avoiding damage easier, but the sword can work just as well.

Once the boss has been defeated, proceed East to collect the Seal of Life and
be teleported out side.

Seal of Earth

Return to the Mayor to inform him you have acquired the Seal of Life. He will then inform you of your next task; acquiring the Seal of Earth from the
Crystal Mine. Head back to the Forest Entrance. From here, go 3 screens East, then three screens North. Enter the house here. Talk to the man at the counter
and he will give you his Pickaxe. You can hit enemies with the Pickaxe, so I would recommend equipping to the Sword slot while in the Crystal Mine. Head
upstairs to find three chests, which contain two apples, and the Lantern. Once done, head back outside.

Head one screen East, then another North. This is the entrance to the Crystal Mine. You can break these rocks with the Pickaxe you just acquired. Once you
are ready, proceed on in.

Crystal Mine

Again, the pickaxe can be used as a weapon, so it is recommended to have it equipped over the sword. The Lantern should be placed in the other slot. You
can use the lantern to attack as well, but it isn't nearly as effective as the Sword or the Pickaxe. The Sword will have a larger hit area, and I think is a
bit faster, so you won't want to use the Pickaxe all the time, and you may want to switch between the two if you have trouble, but none of the enemies
here are too difficult. Going forward, I am going to assume you have both the Lantern and Pickaxe equipped at all times.

You can watch a video for completing this dungeon here:

From the entrance, take the right most path North two screens, then West. Hit the switch at the bottom of this shaft, then go back to the mine entrance.

Take the left most path North this time. Proceed West two screens, then North one. There will be three doors in this room, one locked. First, go East to
collect the Small Key from the chest we spawned earlier. Go back to the previous room and go West this time, then West again. There will be two torches you can
light with the Lantern in here, but the main focus are the enemies. Kill them to have a chest spawn with another key. Now go back West two screens to the
room with the locked door. Use one of your keys to pass through here.

Proceed North one screen, then East. There will be another torch you can light in here, another button, and a boulder. Push this boulder along the track on
to the button. Go back to the previous room then go West. Again, push the boulder onto the button as you did before, then proceed North, and then down
the stairs.

Go South one screen and East another. There will be a locked door in here, but ignore this for now and continue East. Being careful of the enemies in
here, go South, and then West. Hit the button on the floor and return to the room with the locked door.

Proceed through the lock door, then head West to obtain the Dungeon Map. Now, go back East one screen, South one, then East again. Another trap room, so
kill all the enemies then proceed North, hitting the floor button. Go back South, West, North, North, East, and South. You should now see the button you
had just hit. Go East, and then South. There will be four buttons in here. Hit each one to have a chest with another Small Key appear. Take this and go
back North and open the locked door.

There is a torch in this room you should light to make the next part easier. Go East to find a room with three buttons, and three boulders. First push the
left most boulder onto the left most button. Then push the right most boulder onto the middle button. Finally, push the last boulder on the last button.
Now go back West to the previous room, and then North through the newly opened door and to the stairs.

Now head West one screen, then North two. There will be a sign here stating “Two out of three ain't bad.”, and three buttons. Simply press the middle
and left buttons. The third one will just raise back up.

Go back South 3 screens and then West one. Once in this larger room, take the left most path South, and wrap around the wall back North to get a Small Key.
Wrap back around the Wall South then North the way you came. Now take the right most path South, and follow it one screen West, one North, one East.
Along the top of this screen will be a section of wall that looks different; hit this with the Pickaxe and go North one more screen to find another chest
with another Key.

Just about done. Head back up stairs to floor B1. Go South one screen, then East. You will now be able to open the locked door. In this room will be the
next Big Heart! Head back to floor B2 and proceed West, then South two screens to the next locked door. Open then and proceed through to the last set
of stairs down.

Nothing much on this floor so go North, then West, killing anything for drops if you want. Heal up here, and double check your map for any rooms you may
have missed. Once ready go North to fight the boss.

Rock Golem
This boss can be a bit more challenging, but not by much. He has only two attacks. If you are
at a distance he will hurl boulders at you. You can't break these but you can block
them with your shield. Just don't let the impact knock you down either of the pits. When you
are close he will launch a shock wave around himself.

Both the Sword and the Bow will not do any damage to him, so you must use the pickaxe for
this. All you need to do is stand back and let him throw his boulders. Once he is done,
run up and hit him with the pickaxe. Then back away quickly to avoid the shock wave. Repeat a
few times and the fight will be over quickly.

Once defeated, go North into the next room to collect the Seal of Earth.

Next Two Seals

Once teleported outside, another storm will be hitting the island. Head back to town and stay at the inn as you had before. Stop by the item shop and get
any supplies you may need. Bread is always a good one to have. Visit the Mayor's house once you are ready to learn he is currently at the Lighthouse to
the North of town. So head one screen West, then North six screens.

The next two dungeons can be done in any order, but we will be doing the Forgotten Sands dungeon first. Go back South to the Village. From the first
screen once you reenter the village, go directly West to exit again.

Forgotten Sands

You can see a full video for completing this dungeon here:

After exiting the Village, go South, then East 3 screens, and then South one more to reach the desert. The desert is a bit maze like, with lots of
different areas. There isn't anything here other than the dungeon, so head East, then South two screens. From here, take the bottom most path West,
South, and then East twice. Go North once more to reach the dungeon entrance.

From the first room, go three screens North to find a chest with the Dungeon Map. The room above this is the boss, so we will need to work towards getting
that door open. First however we are going to go after the Big Heart. Head back South one screen and take the stairs down.

Go South and then West. Hit the wall switch here, and continue North for two screens, then East two screens. You should be in a room with four floor
buttons, and a number of arrow traps. You will only want to press the top most button to open the door.

This door will take you into a large room with a path that appears and disappears as you walk. This can be confusing so I will go through it by tiles
you need to walk on. From the door way:

1 Tile North
1 Tile West
4 Tiles North
4 Tiles West
2 Tiles North
5 Tiles East
2 Tiles North
7 Tiles East
3 Tiles South
5 Tiles East
2 Tiles North
2 Tiles West
3 Tiles North
4 Tiles West
6 Tiles North
5 Tiles East
5 Tiles North
12 Tiles West
3 Tiles South
2 Tiles East
2 Tiles South
3 Tiles East
4 Tiles South
5 Tiles West
4 Tiles North
2 Tiles West
3 Tiles North
2 Tiles West
7 Tiles West

This should take you to the Big Heart. If you want to go back to the start, just drop off the side at any time. Now make your way to the top left corner
of the room to proceed with the dungeon. I'm not going to step this one out as it should be easy enough to make your way there.

Proceed South and hit the wall switch here. Continue West, then North and up the stairs. Go one screen South and there will be a chest containing Gold.
Collect this and head East. Here will be a room with both Arrow traps and Spikes. Simply have your shield up to block the arrows, and time your steps
across the spikes accordingly to move across the room. Continue South two
screens, then East to hit the first of the four buttons. Go back South and down the same set of stairs to floor B1.

Go South, West, hit the wall switch, and North twice as you did before. Once you reach the fork, go West this time. There will be four switches on the
wall. Simply flick these all so that each one is down and the door to the South will open. This room will contain three more Arrow traps. You can block
the first one, then time your steps past the next two and continue South. Head South again, then East, North, East and then South. Push the boulder as
far as you can then walk back around and push it the rest of the way onto the button. Head through the door, and kill the three Snakes, proceed East and
up the stairs.

Head West, North 3 screens and then West once more to reach the next wall switch. That's 2 out of four done. Go back South and take the stairs up this
time to floor F2.

This next floor is modeled after the Lost Woods and can cause some serious headaches. I will do my best to explain it, but if you get confused, try going
back to the start, or just keep going through door combinations you haven't tried yet.

First go West, then North three screens and hit the wall switch. Go back South two screens, then West one. Go North two screens and hit the wall switch. Go
back South two screens, East, North, East, then North and hit this wall switch. Go back South (hit up the next room South if you want the
Completionist achievement) and then West. Now take the door on the top left of the screen. Go North again to reach a room with more Spikes. Time your
steps and hit the wall switch, then proceed East two screens. More arrow traps but these should be easy enough to dodge as you have before. Make your way
South through the right side of the room to get a chest with Gold, then go back and head South down the left Path. Head East, then South, and down the stairs.

Go North then make your way around the room hitting the switches to clear the spikes and continue West. Head South, then back up North along the adjacent
path. Step past the arrows and hit the wall switch. Go back South, South again, then West to reach the third wall switch. Go back South again and take
the stairs back up to F2.

Go West, hit the wall switch and proceed South. Another trap room, just kill the monsters and continue East, South, and East again. Take the bottom path
back West to get the chest with the Small Key. The floor button will switch the spikes, so go back East, then East again. Follow this path North two
screens to find a chest with two Breads. Back track to the previous fork and take the North path this time. Follow it around to reach the next wall switch.
Hit this and back track to that locked door. Follow the path West then North, and take the stairs down.

Grab the chest here for some more Gold and head East. Another trap room, so kill the monsters, and continue South. Yet another trap, but it's easy.
Hit the left switch, then the middle switch, then the right switch in that order to avoid getting hit. Now go North three times, then East to hit the
final wall switch, opening the door to the dungeon boss. Heal up and check your map for any rooms you may have missed if you are going to the
Completionist achievement. Once you are ready head on in to fight the boss.

Sand Snake
This is the easiest fight of all. He will slither around the room in a box pattern.
Occasionally he will coil up to strike at you. He can do this at an angle but his range is limited
so just keep your distance to stay safe. You DO NOT have to hit him in the head to do
damage. Anywhere on the body counts. Equip your bow and light him up to quickly
end the fight.

Proceed North to get the Seal of Time.

Veiled Caverns

You can see a full video for completing this dungeon here:

The Swamps will be similar to the desert as it is maze like and there is really nothing else there other than the next dungeon. After exiting the
village head North, North, West, North, West, South, West, and North to get to the dungeon entrance.

Once inside, go West, and hit the wall switch. Proceed North, East, then North. You will be in a room with a door on each side. First head West where
you will need to wrap around the water and kill all the enemies to have a chest appear, containing a Small Key.

Go back to the previous room with the four way fork, and go North this time. Head North again through the locked door, then East, and hit the wall switch.
Go back to the four way, and go East this time. Follow along North, then East into another trap room. Kill all the monsters and continue North, West, then
North. Hit the wall switch and quickly dodge the arrow trap. Head back to the four way, and go North 3 screens, then East to grab the chest with the Small
Key. Now go West two screens and down the stairs.

We are going to do some extra stops for the Completionist achievement here. First go South, then West and clear out the Monsters from this trap room. Go
back to the previous room and continue South. Wrap around and go back North up the Right side, then head East, then South. Grab the Small Key and go back
North. Then go East, North, West, South, South, and finally through the locked door.

The room you are in now is a three way fork. Proceed West, South, East, South, and West to reach the chest with the map. Back track to the three way fork and
go East this time to a room with another locked door. Now go East again, North 3 screens, East, and South to get to the Small Key for that door. Head
back and open it up. You will now be in a large room again. Just proceed through this room and eventually go to a room to the North, then East and
down the stairs.

First, go West twice, and then South to enter a trap room. Kill all the monsters for the doors to open and for a chest containing the final Big Heart.
Go back North, and East. Back in the room with the arrow trap, go North two times to reach another trap room. Kill all the monsters, this time earning a
Small Key. Go back to the previous room and go through the locked door.

Back in this larger room now, there will be two wall switches, one on the bottom wall, and one on the top. Flip both of these to open the door to the
boss room. Heal as needed, and check your map for any possible rooms you may have missed. Once you are ready proceed inside.

Swamp Frog
Another easy boss fight. The frog will pop out of the water to spit projectiles at you.
Dodge these and hit him with your bow. You should be able to get at least two shots in
per time. He will then dip back underwater and spawn 2 - 3 slimes. Kill these to pick
up any arrows or apples. Repeat a few times and the fight will be over.

Proceed to North to collect the Seal of Water.

Another Storm

Once you have the last Seal, another storm will be hitting the island. Head
back to the village where the Mayor will meet you for a cutscene. The Seals will be used to open up the Lighthouse. This will be the final dungeon. The
Mayor will rush you inside but you can go back to the item shop to stock up on anything if needed. Proceed inside once ready.

Haunted Lighthouse

You can watch a full video for completing this dungeon here:

This is definitely the longest dungeon in the game. Not to mention it is full of back tracking. There isn't much to find here as we have gotten all the
items and Big Hearts already at this point. You will get the Consolation Achievements here and more rooms for the Completionist achievement. This will
be our secondary goal as we make our way through it.

From the first room, go North, then North again taking the right most path, then go East into a trap room. Kill off the enemies here, then proceed North
again from the right most path. A chest here will contain a Small Key. Head back South, then go North through the left path this time. Turn West and go
West once more, just to get this room for the Completionist achievement. Head back to the previous room and use the Small Key here to go North through the
locked door, and proceed up the stairs.

Head South, and then West. Equip your lantern here (and light the torches if you wish) and flip the two wall switches to spawn the chest containing the
Map. Now go back East, East again, South, and then South again. There is a pit in this room we must drop down, taking us to a trap room. Kill the bats
here, then proceed North, then East, and down the stairs.

Equip your Lantern and proceed South. Fall the hallway along West, then go North and then North again. You will be in a very long room, with lots of pits
and spikes. First, go to the room to the East, and hit the wall switch in the corner of the room. Go back East into the long room. Follow the path along the
top of the room one screen West, then drop to the bottom of the room once you can and go another screen West. Immediately go tot he top of the room and hit
the wall switch here. Now go to the bottom of the room and follow the hallway around to the wall switch at the end. Now go back one screen East, and follow
the bottom path going a screen East, then wrap around the pit, back a screen West and hit the wall switch in the upper corner. Now wrap back around the pit
once more, go two screens West, and then go South through the newly opened door. Go West, then back East through the bottom path, then South. Head up the
stairs at the bottom of this room. Go North, then West again and head down the stairs.

From here go North into a large room. The door will seal shut, and the lights will go out. There are a number of ghosts in here as well. Spooky shit. First
go North along the right path and hit the wall switch. Go back South, and then North again through the left path. Hit the wall switch here and go East, and
hit the switch at the top of the room. Go South, and hit the final switch on the bottom wall. In the top left corner of this screen a door will have open.
go through this and grab the chest for a Small Key. Now go back out of this large room and back up the stairs.

Now go East through the top path. Dodge the trap arrows and head South, then jump down the pit. Hit the wall switch, then go North, East, South into a
room with two switches. The first will spawn a number of bats, hitting the second will open the doors. Proceed East, East, fall the hallway back North
and then back up the stairs.

Take the stairs at the top of this floor back to F2. Go South, East, South and then East through the locked door. Another dark room with more ghosts.
Flip the wall switch on the wall and exit back out West. Proceed South, West, then South again. There will be a small hallway with a switch in the bottom
left corner of this room. Go back out North, East, North, North, West, and then South. Flip the switch, grimace at the fact it didn't disable the spikes,
then wrap back around to go through the newly open door and up the stairs.

I mean really… Who makes a lighthouse like this? At the very least, we are almost done. Go West, then back East through the bottom path. Step through the
arrow traps and continue East, then North, East and up the stairs.

First go East for a slightly different kind of trap room. Kill the bats then go back to the previous room. Head West, then South. A long pit will be on the
left side of this room, you want to jump down the very bottom part of this, pit so you land on the next floor down, and don't fall straight through. Hit
the switch, then drop down again. Once you land, head West into yet another trap room. Wait a couple of seconds to let the arrows kill the bats, then
equip your shield and use this to walk past the arrows. Flip the switch and go back across the same way. Go West, then go South (the spikes will drop
once you walk close). Another room with two switches. The first spawns bats, the second opens the door. Proceed East, then North and up the stairs. Go
West, then up the stairs.

We have one last detour before the boss, just for achievements. Go one screen East, then jump down the pit. Head West and grab the chest for the Consolation
achievement. Go back East, hit the wall switch and go North. Head back west, then South and up the stairs. Now head East, East, North, and then West. Going
up the stairs takes you to the final boss fight. Heal up, and check the map for any rooms you may have missed. Once ready, proceed up the stairs.

Storm Ghost
This can be an actually challenging fight, but not so much if your brought plenty of bread
and apples. The ghost will only have two actions. Shooting arrows at you while it
teleports around the room, and disappearing to spawn other ghosts. While it's firing arrows,
block with your shield and fire back. When it disappears, switch to the lantern and
sword to kill the ghosts for loot. Eventually it will speed up his teleportation and you
will need to react faster, but otherwise the first shouldn't last long.

Once defeated, you will be taken outside for a cutscene.

Sail Home

After the cutscene, all that will be left is getting on the boat to leave. You can stop and double check any dungeons for missed rooms if you are going
for the achievement, but if you followed this guide you should have it all cleared.

From the Lighthouse, go back South to the Villages, and take the Southern exit next to the inn out. Proceed East, South, South, East, East, South, and South
once more. Talk to the man on the dock to confirm you wish to leave.

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